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Founder Of The Freedom Portal, Coach

About Jennifer

Jennifer Mason is the founder of The Freedom Portal, a compassionate and visionary platform that supports individuals in pursuing their dreams. For over 20 years, Jennifer has empowered young adults and their mentors to unravel life’s most profound questions, guiding them in the simultaneous discovery and manifestation of their life’s purpose. In a world where many feel directionless and lost in the daily grind, Jennifer uses strategies for inner work, travel, and self-exploration. She firmly believes that anyone can live their dream life, and she’s committed to accompanying those brave enough to embark on this transformative journey.
Jennifer is on a mission to empower one million young adults to become self-realized and create their desired reality by 2030.


“I experienced one of the greatest miracles. I had almost $8k in medical debt that was completely wiped out after I set the intention of being debt-free while working with Jennifer. I was in a time of deep transformation when The Freedom Portal came into my life, and it was the perfect container to expand me into such a powerful version of myself and to ignite the creator in me. I recommend Jennifer’s teachings to anyone who is ready for deep and meaningful change, and wants to manifest miracles and create freedom in all areas of their lives.”
— Gabriela M.
“Jennifer taught my teens the critical life skill of finding their own center, and she validated their experiences as they learned to connect to their own energy sources. She is excellent at holding space for personal transformation and healing, allowing an opening for people to find their way forward.”
— K. Jensen
“Before I even finished Jennifer’s program, I manifested being cast for two fashion shows, an art commission for more than I’ve ever received before, and discounted airfare; plus, I’ve really grown my unconditional love for myself through this program. I’ve also been able to attract more of my Soul tribe!”
— India C.
“I want to thank you for everything you did for me. You were an amazing influence and I’m so glad I had your support. I honestly don’t think I would be where I am today if I had never met you. I work 50 hours a week, have my own apartment, recently got a car from the dealership, am super close to my family now, and most importantly, I’m satisfied with myself and I no longer feel the way I used to. I appreciate you so much, Jennifer! Thank you for being an outstanding teacher and an amazing friend.”
— Luis

Speaking Topics

Embracing Your Life's Potential: 3 Steps To Quantum Jump Into Your Dream Reality

Many young adults feel stuck in a life that does not reflect their true dreams and desires. They want to break free from the limitations and expectations imposed on them by society, family, and themselves. They want to discover and manifest their ideal reality where they can live with joy, fulfillment, and purpose. In this talk, Jennifer Mason shares her practical roadmap for achieving this quantum leap. She teaches you how to use powerful tools to create your dream life, how to connect with your higher self and access your inner wisdom, and how to use travel as a catalyst for self-discovery and transformation. Attendees will learn how to embrace their life’s potential and unlock their true magic. They will also get inspired by Jennifer’s own stories of travel and miracles, and gain a fresh perspective on life.

Breaking The System: Manifest Your Dreams Without Sacrificing Your Time

Some people feel “trapped” in a system that does not allow them to live their dreams and passions. They believe that they have to sacrifice their time, energy, and happiness to conform to the rules and expectations of society. They wonder if there is more to life than what they have been told. In this talk, Jennifer Mason reveals her secrets to “breaking the system” and manifesting your dreams without sacrificing your time. She shows you how to tap into your inner power and shift your reality to align with your true desires. She also teaches you transformative techniques to access the extraordinary and profound depths of life, beyond the limitations of societal conditioning. Attendees will learn how to create their own reality and live their dream life without compromising their time or well-being.
Create Your Ideal Reality And Achieve Self-Realization
Jennifer has been a mentor and a guide for countless young adults who want to live their dreams and passions. She has a vision to help one million young adults achieve self-realization and create their ideal reality by 2030.

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