Jeremy Macliver

Founder And CEO Of Disruptor Group, Helped Generate Over $500 Million

About Jeremy

Jeremy Macliver, the visionary founder and CEO of Disruptor Group, has dedicated his career to transforming the fortunes of blue-collar businesses across multiple trade industries. With a proven track record of unlocking the potential of business leaders, Jeremy and his team have created over half a billion dollars of revenue for hundreds of clients. Disruptor Group’s community of like-minded individuals provides a supportive environment for leaders who feel isolated at the top and crave growth. Through an unwavering commitment to helping his clients answer their most pressing questions, Jeremy empowers them to break free from what’s been holding them back and achieve unprecedented success, all while staying true to themselves as leaders.
Jeremy is on a mission to create a community of over 48,000 entrepreneurs who are disrupting the way blue-collar businesses operate by 2032.


“Clarity and accountability are crucial in a business. Working with Jeremy has helped us break through so many barriers and raised us to new levels in a very short period of time. We are on track for record growth this year and would not even consider running my business without Guaranteed Traction.”
— Carl Bogar, Trees For Needs
“Jeremy Macliver provided the ‘Getting Your Vision To Take Traction’ workshop for members of the Arizona Landscape Contractors Association. It was an action-packed workshop full of relevant and valuable information. The feedback was very positive, and those in attendance were able to implement strategies that made a difference in their company immediately. I recommend Jeremy to other associations to share his knowledge and expertise.”
— AZ Landscape Contractors Association
“Jeremy Macliver was very instrumental in laying out a plan to move the production of our company forward. He came in and analyzed our production, starting with the sales, product procurement, and superintendents all the way down to the crew level; after getting a feel for our way of doing business, he revamped and upgraded our existing systems. Using his new systems, we have been able to grow at about 20% per year utilizing the existing employees. I would highly recommend Jeremy and his company.”
— Masterscapes
“Our company is in a very small niche of our industry. We convinced ourselves that our problems were so unique we wouldn’t find help outside of our team, and nothing we were doing seemed to work. Thankfully, our assumption was shown wrong. I can testify to the power behind the EOS system and Jeremy’s ability to collaborate and communicate the system effectively to bring business-transforming results. Our team is stronger than ever because we have a vision with traction. Thanks, Jeremy!”
— Greg Goodrich, AZ Fleet Service

Speaking Topics

Unlocking Your Potential: 3 Key Strategies To Achieve Lasting Growth

Many blue-collar business leaders are stuck in the $1MM to $10MM revenue range and face stagnation and fear of failure. In his talk, Jeremy Macliver guides attendees to break free from what’s holding them back so they can confidently achieve the next level of growth. Attendees will learn three keys to unlocking their potential, how to have courageous conversations, and the essential mindset shifts for lasting success.

From Woo-Woo To Real: Embracing The Tough For Sustainable Business Growth

In this keynote talk, your audience will gain the confidence to have those tough conversations they have been putting off. They will learn how to ask for help without feeling like they are losing status or prestige and discover practical, no-nonsense strategies for growing their business without resorting to all the trendy “woo-woo” tactics. By the end of the talk, attendees will feel equipped to tackle the real-world challenges of running a business without sacrificing their authenticity or values.
Breaking Through Stagnation: Proven Methods To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Jeremy Macliver has a proven track record of helping blue-collar business leaders unlock their potential, generating over half a billion dollars in revenue across multiple industries. Now, his mission is to build a community of 48,000 disruptors who revolutionize blue-collar businesses by 2032

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