Jim Beebe

Founder Of Unbreakable Athletics Academy, High-Performance Coach

About Jim

Jim Beebe is the founder of Unbreakable Athletics Academy, a premier coaching program for student-athletes who want to take their game to the next level. In his eight years of coaching, he has helped over 400 students achieve remarkable results, with 10% of them reaching college-level sports performance and half of them playing at Division 1 level. As a seasoned mentor, Jim supports parents of ambitious sports stars, guiding them through the complex world of student athletics and helping them unlock their full potential. Jim is dedicated to creating “unbreakable” athletes who master the mental, physical, and strategic aspects of their sport, using his extensive knowledge and experience to provide them with the tools they need to excel at the highest level.
Jim Beebe is on a mission to help 10,000 student-athletes play college sports at the school they love and win two national championships by 2028.


“Training at Unbreakable with Jim has changed my life for the better in several ways. The competitive nature and need to get better is evident in the people who walk in there every day. I can confidently say that I wouldn’t be the same athlete I am without working with them.”
— Jack B., D1 Football Player At Ball State University
“My favorite thing about my time training at Unbreakable and Jim was the culture and camaraderie of our community, from the staff and coaches to the athletes and members. I love how the coaches educate the athletes and teach the reason and importance of specific movements that carry over into their sport.”
— Danny N., D1 Football Player At Colgate University
“If you want to be at your peak performance by the time you are in high school or college, starting early is essential. Unbreakable and Jim help athletes find discipline and work hard. My favorite activities from Unbreakable are training with other athletes, who will push you to be better every day, and meeting new teammates that will hold you accountable.”
— Hunter H., D3 Baseball Catcher At DePauw University

Speaking Topics

Every Step Counts: Organically Developing Successful Student-Athletes

Many student-athletes face challenges with improving their speed and strength, and reaching their full potential in their sport. This talk shows how small, consistent improvements in their training, nutrition, and mindset can have a significant impact on their athletic performance, helping them secure more playing time and achieve their goals. Attendees will discover the secret formula for creating faster, stronger athletes.

From Injury To Unbreakable: How To Create Resilient Student-Athletes

Injuries can derail the dreams of student-athletes and affect their future prospects. In his talk, Jim Beebe reveals how to create resilient athletes who can withstand injuries and bounce back stronger. He shares the physical and mental techniques that can protect young athletes and enhance their performance. Attendees will learn how to help their student-athletes overcome any challenge and become unbreakable with the formula for injury-proofing athletes’ bodies.

Molding Champions: Strengthening Athletes' Mental Foundation

A player’s mental state can determine their success or failure in a crucial performance. In this talk, Jim shares effective techniques for building a strong mental foundation in young athletes, which enables them to perform well in their sports and lives. Attendees will learn the framework for enhancing mental skills in athletics and how to use it with their student-athletes.
Helping Athletes Achieve Remarkable Results
Jim has coached over 400 students in eight years, with impressive outcomes: 10% of them achieved college-level sports performance, and 50% of them played at Division 1 level. His vision is to help 10,000 student-athletes pursue college sports at their dream school and win two national titles by 2028.

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