Joan Butler

President of the Relationship Center For Change, Coach, Speaker

About Joan

Joan Butler is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and President of the Relationship Center For Change. Over the last 30 years, she has helped hundreds of people work through difficult transitions in their professional lives and personal relationships.
Her refreshing approach as a coach leverages humor to help others learn how to think and feel differently, breaking down barriers so they can cultivate more confidence and create a new vision filled with happiness and joy.
Joan is on a mission to empower 120,000 people to transform their lives into ones filled with self-confidence, purpose, happiness, and joy by 2033.


“I am currently in my 3rd Life Mastery course with Joan and am grateful every day that I came across her website. I felt lost and stuck and could not figure out my next steps in any arena of my life. In working with Joan, I have not only been able to see the past more clearly and let go of judgments, but I have learned how to access the confidence, strength, and vision inside myself. These courses have helped me learn to trust myself and the universe and have helped me identify my goals and move forward towards reaching them. I highly recommend working with Joan; my time with her has absolutely changed my life.”
— Sierra K.
“This program works!!! I was a miserable human being a short year ago. I poured myself into these teachings and have completely transformed my life, my thinking, and my dreams. I no longer feel like a victim of my life but the master of it. I left a job that I despised and have created a new career for myself full of love and appreciation. I am so grateful for finding Joan and doing this program with her. Thank you, Joan!”
— Nick L.
“Joan’s coaching taught me procedures to accomplish goals within specific time structures. More importantly, she illustrated how to recognize and challenge the trouble always encountered as we become closer to achieving what is most important to us.”
— Maggie C.
“Joan is highly intelligent, intuitive, and insightful. She creates a safe environment in which I am able to open up and examine my job and myself in order to contribute to my organization in my own unique way that is congruent with my strengths, personality, values, and working style. As a result of working with Joan, I am much more capable in my work and wiser in my relations with my staff and with senior management. This has made me a more effective manager and given me additional skills and tools for dealing with almost every aspect of my job. It would be hard to overstate the gains that I have achieved. Most importantly, I am now enjoying my work more, and I am happier in my life. I highly recommend Joan as a coach. In my opinion, she is the best!”
— Arthur B.

Speaking Topic

Change Your Thoughts To Change Your Life: How to Build A Future You Love, Without Years Of Therapy

For people who feel stuck, disappointed, worried, unsure, sad, and afraid to make a change in their professional or personal lives. In her talk, Joan outlines her process to help people regain their confidence and create a new vision for their life. Audience members will learn how to design their vision, how to decide their vision, and how to befriend fear.
Realize a New Vision for Your Life
Drawing on her decades of experience, Joan has helped hundreds of clients and students transform their personal and professional lives and is ready to help you today!

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