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CEO Of Superhero Sidekick LLC
Helping Nonprofit Leaders Fund Their Mission!

About Joe

Joe Baker is an accomplished CEO who propels nonprofit leaders past growth barriers. Known for rapidly scaling an organization’s fundraising efforts, he delivers transformative strategies that bridge the gap between nonprofits and their donors. Beyond driving financial success, Joe is a dedicated family man and avid climber, drawing from his own life’s passions to inspire and elevate others in their mission-driven work.
Joe Baker is on a mission to help 10,000 nonprofit organizations reach their funding goals by 2034.


“I applied the strategies that Joe Baker coached me on, and it literally more than 2X’d our banquet giving. Last year, my event raised $625k, and this year $1.31 million. We are all praising the Lord for the amount of lives that will be saved. When I first hired Superhero Sidekick, I thought they seemed expensive, but now, I think their services have been cheap.”
— Eddie Perez, CEO
“Superhero Sidekick has provided tremendous value to our organization. They really helped us drastically improve our overall donor strategy and branding. Joe has a brilliant and creative mind accompanied by several years of building businesses and organizations from the ground up that really helped take us to the next level. I highly recommend them.”
— Josh Kappes, VP
“We are 16 months into having them as sidekicks and launching our new vision, product, and pipeline, and are seeing results that have had a 4X return. We are so grateful to have Superhero Sidekick: for everything they have done to help us grow fast, and leading us with all the wisdom and experience they provide for both business structure and for fundraising. They have been an enormous blessing to us, and have helped us navigate so many strategic and significant decisions and directions.”
— Lesley Russell, President & Founder

Speaking Topic

From Stagnation To Elevation:
Secrets To Refining Your Nonprofit's Appeal And Income Stream

Fundraising can be a daunting task for any charity, especially when you have a limited budget and a big vision. But Joe Baker, the CEO of Superhero Sidekick LLC, knows how to help you break through the barriers and elevate your nonprofit’s appeal and income stream. In this talk, Joe reveals his secrets to crafting a powerful pitch, mobilizing your community, and conquering the hesitation of asking for donations. After this talk, you will be able to create donor levels that increase your fundraising, apply storytelling techniques that make your asks irresistible, and assemble a strong and motivated fundraising force.

Note To Meeting Planners

A Fundraising Expert Who Helps Nonprofit Leaders Achieve Their Mission

Joe is the CEO of Superhero Sidekick LLC, a company that helps nonprofit leaders overcome growth barriers and scale their fundraising efforts. Joe shares his proven strategies and secrets that have helped thousands of nonprofit organizations reach their funding goals and make a positive impact in the world.
Joe Baker is the founder of a nonprofit organization that achieved an impressive feat: going from zero to raising one million dollars per month of fundraising in less than five years. Now, he has a bold vision to help 10,000 nonprofit organizations fund their mission and make a difference by 2034.

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