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Founder Of Down 4 Sound Shop


My name is JP, and in five years, I went from working out of my parents’ attic to earning $20 million in sales online in the car audio industry. I love to share my success by coaching business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to create their own thriving passion businesses.


“In the last 10 years I’ve known Johnathan, he has thoroughly impressed me with his business acumen and shear work ethic. He has mastered the ability to market himself and his business in ways that few others have been able to achieve. Not only has he mastered the art of selling to the car audio community, he has followed a very disciplined mentality for how to manage the financial growth of the business. By sharing his journey through social media, he has motivated myself and many others to reach for success and do better in business, in family, in health, and in life in general. Proud of you buddy! Keep it up!”

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A Proven Success In The World Of E-Commerce

I was able to turn my passion for car audio into an e-commerce eight-figure business, which is truly unheard of in my particular business sector. I now have a thriving YouTube community with over 500k subscribers. I have firsthand experience and know-how to share with your audience that will equip them to create a powerful client acquisition channel for their e-commerce business so they can see the success they’ve dreamed of.

Speaking Topic

How To Turn Your Youtube Channel Into A Client Acquisition Channel

YouTube is the second-most visited website in the world behind Google, YouTube’s parent company. Your brand should have a presence there. In his talk, JP outlines the steps people should take to grow their influence on YouTube and turn it into a client acquisition channel
JP has turned his passion for car audio into an e-commerce eight-figure business. In five years, he went from working out of his parents’ attic to earning $20 million in sales online in the car audio industry, which is unheard of in that sector. Now JP has a thriving YouTube community of fellow “bassheads” with 500k subscribers and coaches others who want to create their passion business.

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