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CEO Of Frutto Foods LLC

About Johnny

Johnny Najar is the CEO and co-founder of Frutto Foods LLC, a company at the forefront of revolutionizing the produce wholesale industry. With nearly a decade of experience, Johnny and his dedicated team have transformed the procurement processes of numerous recurring produce wholesale companies across the United States and Canada. By simplifying and streamlining their operations, Johnny has helped these businesses overcome overwhelm and inefficiency, allowing them to thrive in a highly competitive market. Recognizing the importance of clear communication and collaboration, Johnny implemented a game-changing approach centered around a single-channel communication system, eliminating unnecessary complexities. His deep understanding of the industry has revealed that many produce outlets suffer from the presence of unmotivated individuals who overlook the significance of the farm and all the dedicated people involved. Johnny’s customers benefit from having time to expand their businesses with more sales because of the relationships he builds with all parties involved, or as he likes to call it, “winning by playing on offense.”
Johnny is on a mission to maximize time and money for one million produce companies by 2028.


“They go above and beyond!”
— Michelle Hutchins
“Excellent team, excellent service. Johnny has a great team behind him, and no doubt he’ll continue to strive. Keep it up!”
— Josh Renteria
“I have worked with Johnny for years. Always a great service.”
— Kelli Shingai
“Great people to work with. One of my favorites.”
— Alex Suarez

Speaking Topics

Streamline Your Procurement Process For Unmatched Efficiency And Success

Having a production shouldn’t have to feel like a production at every step. When it comes to procurement, your time and quality are extremely limited. In his talk, Johnny Najar reveals how to unlock the secret to effortless and efficient procurement, where every step feels seamless and every decision is optimized for success. He outlines how to find an expert broker who can meet all your needs so you receive a single invoice, how to consolidate everything in just one warehouse, and what you need in quality control personnel who can pick and choose your produce while shipping to reduce quality and condition issues. Attendees will leave with a clear roadmap to avoid losses, maximize their precious time and resources, and elevate their procurement game to unprecedented heights.

Reclaiming Your Profits: The 3 Untold Reasons Produce Wholesale Businesses Are Losing Money

Buying in bulk and direct used to mean the best product at the best price, but the tables have turned. In this talk, Johnny Najar exposes the shocking truth behind why buying in bulk and direct no longer guarantees the best quality at the best price. With expert precision, he unveils the three critical factors that are sabotaging your business’s success and provides actionable strategies to avoid falling into the trap of “cheap quality.” Attendees will learn the hidden pitfalls that are draining their profits in the world of wholesale produce and leave with industry insights that will change their way of doing business.

Unveiling The Power Of Brokers: Elevating Your Harvest To Profitable Heights

In a world where farmers are burdened with the challenges of harvesting and sales, the need for brokers becomes evident. Brokers were created to unlock the potential of farmers’ harvests and transform them into profitable ventures. Join Johnny Najar as he delves into the essential roles played by brokers, from skillful negotiation to ensuring commitment fulfillment. Johnny empowers attendees with strategies to leverage these practices for business growth. Attendees will leave with a newfound appreciation for the role of brokers in the industry and how their involvement can revolutionize your success.

From Chaos To Control: Unlocking Effortless Procurement Mastery
With nearly a decade of experience, Johnny has been the driving force behind the streamlined procurement processes and business growth of numerous produce wholesale companies. Now, he’s on a mission to help maximize the time and money of one million companies by 2028.

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