Jon Taylor

Managing Partner At Stanton Park Capital, Author, Investment Banker

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About Jon

Jon Taylor, a managing partner at Stanton Park Capital, is a seasoned professional luminary with over two decades of business advisory experience. His expertise lies in guiding businesses lost within the intricacies of their true value and those needing a clear strategic direction. Jon excels at charting a clear path toward scalable growth, crafting formidable business value, and meticulously developing exit plans. Over his career, Jon has steered business transactions worth more than $5 billion, masterfully forging seamless transitions. His solutions not only facilitate smooth business transitions but also instigate a new phase in the lives of business owners — one filled with assuredness, freedom, and devoid of stress.

Jon is on a mission to help 1,000,000 businesses maximize their value and be positioned to sell for top dollar by 2033.


“I couldn’t ask for a better financial advisor than Stanton Park. They have terrific interpersonal skills, and I felt fully helped and supported. Stanton Park was always available to me, consistently helpful, and a trooper during a long process from offer to close. I highly recommend him without qualification.” 

—  Mary, CEO Of Beacon InHome

“Stanton Park did a fantastic job for Extra Express.” 

Kirk, CEO Of Extra Express

“We couldn’t have harvested the value in our business without Stanton Park’s help.” 

—  Nathan, President of Medicote

“We have used Stanton Park’s services a few times over the last 3 years, and we have been extremely satisfied with their performance.” 

— Justin, President Of Livewell Assisted Living Inc.

Real Cashflow Diva, Real Estate Developer Coach, And Author

Speaking Topic

The Blueprint To A Successful Exit: Help Your Clients Scale And Sell Their Business

Prepare your clients for a lucrative business sale. This talk is designed for entrepreneurs, legal experts, accountants, wealth advisors, and service providers keen to decode the nuances of business valuations, financing, purchases, sales, due diligence, and negotiations. Jon walks you through detailed guidelines to enable your client to sell their business at a premium price and emphasize your value within the transaction. Attendees will learn the valuation process for businesses, detailed steps for buying and selling a business, and how to find the ideal buyer for your business. 

Business Valuation Unveiled: Secrets To Selling Your Company For Top Dollar

Jon is a seasoned expert in merger and acquisition, strategic advisory, and business valuation. With over 20 years of experience, he has successfully closed over $2 billion worth of transactions in his career. He has a vision to help 1,000,000 businesses optimize their value and sell for the highest price by 2033.

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