Jonas Breisel

Founder Of Xplorafory Test, Software Tester, Coach

About Jonas

Jonas Breisel is the CEO and founder of Xplorafory Test, a leading software testing and training venture. Following a fulfilling and lucrative career, Jonas tapped into his rich work history and fresh IT certifications, carving a successful path as a software tester. Presently, he empowers individuals to craft rewarding careers that strike the perfect balance with higher income with fewer work hours, stimulating professional and personal challenges, and the opportunity to lead a life that resonates with their dreams and ambitions.
Jonas is on a mission to help 10,000 people looking for career change discover the power of software testing to build a life they are proud of by 2028.


“Jonas is a very helpful teacher with a great knowledge of testing. He helped me learn different testing techniques in manual and automation testing. He has a positive attitude in his teaching, which helped me achieve my goal.”

— Nisha
“I secured a new position at work thanks to your training on software testing!”
— Razia
“He is incredibly good at explaining without getting too technical or speaking jargon. He is good at making his listeners think in new ways.”
— Lotta Berg
“Jonas knows the testing space inside out. Recently, he held a much-appreciated lecture in my company called ‘A Tester’s Mindset.’ This was mainly targeted towards my QA engineers, but I would say that the content is relevant to all engineers working with software. I am looking forward to more lectures and discussions in the future. I can recommend Jonas for his ability to inspire, teach, and coach software teams that want to improve within the testing and QA space.”
— Markus Koskinen

Speaking Topic

The Ultimate Career Pivot For Anyone: Leverage IT As Your Success Key

Many people are unhappy with their current careers, or face physical or personal challenges that prevent them from continuing their previous occupations. They want to find new opportunities that offer more satisfaction, flexibility, and income. But they don’t know where to start or what skills they need to succeed in today’s competitive market. Jonas Breisel has the answer: software testing. Software testing is a simple yet powerful way to leverage IT as your success key. It allows you to work from anywhere, at any time, and on any project that interests you. It also pays well and has high demand in the IT industry. In his talk, Jonas reveals how anyone can become a software tester in 10 weeks or less. Attendees will learn how to make the transition to an IT professional without advanced degrees or extended academic years.

Reshaping Your Career With Software Testing
Jonas Breisel is the leading authority in career transitions to software testing, and he’s committed to empowering 10,000 individuals seeking a career change to unlock the potential of software testing and build lives they’re proud of by 2028.

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