An Innovator Revolutionizing Employer Healthcare Solutions

As the founder and CEO of Onelife Direct, Dr. Joseph Dugger has transformed the landscape of employer-focused healthcare, enabling countless businesses to offer immediate and personalized healthcare solutions to their employees at an affordable cost. His strategic approach helps organizations address the dual challenges of attracting premier talent and providing competitive healthcare benefits, fostering a healthier and more productive workforce.

Joseph Dugger, M.D.

Dr. Joseph Dugger has developed an innovative approach that revolutionizes healthcare benefits, empowering organizations to prioritize their people while thriving financially. His bold vision is to transform the lives of one million individuals by 2025, making affordable, immediate healthcare a reality for all.
As the CEO and founder of Onelife Direct, Dr. Joseph Dugger has transformed the face of employer-focused healthcare. His groundbreaking approach has enabled countless businesses to deliver immediate, personalized healthcare to their employees. Dr. Dugger’s proficiency lies in aiding organizations grappling with the dual task of attracting premier talent and providing affordable, competitive healthcare benefits. He strongly believes and demonstrates that investment in superior healthcare doesn’t have to burden the corporate purse. His strategy strives to foster healthier, happier employees, boosting profitability.
Dr. Dugger is on a mission to dramatically improve the quality and quantity of life by providing affordable immediate healthcare to one million people by 2025.


We have been members of OneLife Direct Care since the beginning. What a wonderful medical experience! We have anytime access to a physician we know and trust: Dr. Joseph Dugger. He has taken great care of us. In a day and time where good, personalized medical care is hard to find, being a member of OneLife offers peace of mind. We feel the membership is well worth it and highly recommend it!”
— James & Cecily Norman
“Dr. Dugger has been our trusted family physician for many years. A OneLife Direct Care membership provides peace of mind knowing your medical care team is just a message away with steady and regular access. Dr. Dugger and his team provide compassionate care with a focus on your personal wellness. We are very thankful for this service.”
— Jimmy & Candie Loviette
“Our family has had the honor and privilege of knowing and receiving primary care service from Dr. Dugger for over 20 years. In that time, we have truly experienced his light in his quiet, caring, and compassionate spirit. The care that we consistently receive far exceeds our expectations. Dr. Dugger and the staff of OneLife Wellness & Primary Care are always courteous, have positive attitudes, and conduct themselves in a professional manner. They are an amazing group of people that we have come to think of as family. As members of OneLife Direct, we cannot express how extremely satisfied we are with the service that we have received. Dr. Dugger and his staff work in a seamless manner to provide quality care for patients. It is obvious not only to us but also to others in the community that OneLife Wellness & Primary Care is a place where you can go to receive exceptional care provided by people who love God and who have a passion for promoting healing and well-being in their fellow man. We feel blessed to receive health care from Dr. Dugger and the OneLife team. They are truly an extraordinary team!”
— Kennard & Reshonda Williams

Speaking Topic

Transforming Healthcare: Tailoring Benefits, Boosting Bottom Lines

In today’s competitive landscape, organizations struggle with the intricate challenge of attracting and retaining top talent while navigating the complex terrain of healthcare benefits. Escalating costs and one-size-fits-all solutions often strain budgets and fail to meet the diverse needs of employees. However, Dr. Joseph Dugger’s talk unveils a pioneering approach that harmonizes personalized healthcare with fiscal prudence. This session offers insights into reshaping insurance benefits to create bespoke health plans from pharmaceuticals to dental, designed around your team’s needs and dramatically reducing costs. Attendees will learn the power of direct primary care and telemedicine, and how it can save one’s business by increasing profitability up to 35%.

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