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About Joy

Joy Yamamoto is a speaker, writer, consultant, and high-performance coach for women. Armed with a master’s degree in clinical psychology and over 17 years of experience as a mental health practitioner, Joy is passionate about empowering ambitious women who struggle with imposter syndrome, comparisonitis, and overwhelm to rediscover their true selves. By leveraging proven brain-based techniques, Joy helps her clients shift limiting beliefs and regain genuine confidence in themselves, enabling them to live the life they truly desire.
Joy is on a mission to help 1,000,000 ambitious, high-performing females break free from self-comparison and insecurity-prison to become their authentic dream selves while showing others what’s possible by 2028.


“When I first began coaching with Joy, I constantly felt like I wasn’t enough. I had low self-esteem in every area of my life even though I was very successful in my career. After the first session with Joy, I felt powerful and optimistic for the first time in years! Her insights allowed me to let go of years of awful things I’ve said to myself, unrealistic expectations, self-comparison all the time, and hurtful memories so I could finally believe in myself. Joy’s style of transforming is engaging, informative, fun, and easy to implement. After every session with her, I was blown away by what huge ‘aha’ breakthroughs I had. Even being a therapist myself, I didn’t know any of this information existed! Her strategies will transform you into someone you never knew you could become.”
Janeen O., Self-Care Therapist and Coach
“After being tired of my own excuses, sabotage, self-doubt, and negative things I’ve said to myself for years, Joy entered into my life. Having Joy as your coach is the fastest way to transform. It has been the most fulfilling year ever! I’m speechless, I can’t even recognize who I am!”
Patricia M., Nurse Practitioner
“When I first met Joy, I was BLOWN AWAY by her specific brain-based processes she uses BEFORE she even coaches you. She told me, ‘I can’t coach you UNTIL I know your specific make up: cognitively, emotionally, and overall natural strengths. Without this clear, necessary information, I’ll misguide you, and you won’t have LASTING CHANGE.’ Just her specific assessments were EYE-OPENING to what natural strengths, blindspots, self-talks, and hurts were keeping me stuck no matter what I tried before. You have to be coached by Joy because her program is based on science with easy-to-follow strategies that are dependable and fun! I still rely and use all of the systems especially when I travel for work. I have avoided my mistakes and embarrassment with past generalist coaches and courses who attempt to motivate and hype you up.”
Courtney P., Yoga Entrepreneur
“I swear when Joy entered into my life, I believed I was going to REMAIN unhappy, insecure, overweight, and overwhelmed for the rest of my life. She has a true gift for understanding and accepting while also positively challenging you to reimagine yourself beyond your hurts, excuses, and not-enoughness. I am now so confident, focused on myself, living healthier (even lost weight), achieving more and faster in my career, and in love with the most amazing partner! I never knew I could ever feel this confident, happy, in love, and this ambitious. I’ve transformed into someone who believes you can have it ALL without faking it.”
Brianne M., Professor

Speaking Topic

From Doubt To Empowerment: The Secret Formula For Creating The Life You Deserve

In today’s world, many women feel like they don’t deserve the life they want and constantly struggle with feelings of doubt and overwhelm. In Joy Yamamoto’s talk, she reveals the secret formula to overcoming these challenges using brain-based techniques that transform self-doubt into self-confidence and empower women to create the life they truly deserve. Attendees will walk away understanding how the brain works; how to rewire it from the core to shift their thinking; and the best words and actions they can use to get the results they want.
Discover The Formula For Transforming Your Life: From Self-Doubt To Unstoppable Confidence
By 2028, Joy Yamamoto aims to empower one million ambitious and high-performing women around the world to break free from self-comparison and insecurity and become living proof of what’s possible when you bring your dreams to life without faking it.

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