Justin Nelson

CEO Of Sphere Rocket Virtual Assistants, Entrepreneur And Leader, Coach

About Justin

Justin Nelson is the CEO of Sphere Rocket Virtual Assistants and is recognized for his eight-figure successes by the age of 27. His specialty is championing business owners who are inundated with work, struggling to balance their time, and juggling multiple aspects of their businesses with less-than-optimal success. Justin provides an effective solution by linking companies with suitable virtual assistants to minimize workload and maximize productivity. Driven by a passion to lighten the entrepreneurial burden, Justin and his team at Sphere Rocket Virtual Assistants are transforming the operations landscape, and steering businesses toward exceptional growth and streamlined success.
Justin is on a mission to help two million business owners avoid burnout through lower-cost high-quality labor and support by 2033.


“He teaches things that you would never think of on your own: how to leverage people, because that’s basically what he does with Sphere Rocket, to get the things that you need done, done quickly, done efficiently, and done without you.”
— Ryan Stewman, Owner And CEO At Closer Capital
“My favorite thing about my time training at Unbreakable and Jim was the culture and camaraderie of our community, from the staff and coaches to the athletes and members. I love how the coaches educate the athletes and teach the reason and importance of specific movements that carry over into their sport.”
— Danny N., D1 Football Player At Colgate University
“If you want to be at your peak performance by the time you are in high school or college, starting early is essential. Unbreakable and Jim help athletes find discipline and work hard. My favorite activities from Unbreakable are training with other athletes, who will push you to be better every day, and meeting new teammates that will hold you accountable.”
— Hunter H., D3 Baseball Catcher At DePauw University

Speaking Topics

The Power Of Virtual Assistants: How To Save Money, Time, And Stress With Virtual Assistant Services

Business owners often struggle with losing control, high staffing costs, burnout, lack of local talent, and stalled growth. In this talk, Justin Nelson introduces an innovative solution to these challenges: virtual assistants. Justin explains how virtual assistants can help businesses reclaim control and save money on staffing. He also shares the limitations of change and the practical ways to regain time and boost business success with virtual assistant services. After this talk, attendees will discover how to use virtual assistant services to reduce burnout, solve staffing problems, and grow their business; understand how virtual assistants can help them create a more complete online presence, a stronger brand, and a better customer experience; and learn how to leverage virtual assistant services for more organization, more leads, and more effective communication with customers.

The Complete Guide To Virtual Staffing: From Hiring To Retention

Many business owners have virtual staffing concerns, such as finding the right virtual assistant, training them, and retaining them. In this talk, Justin Nelson presents his comprehensive coaching program that addresses these concerns. He walks you through the entire virtual assistant hiring process, from discovery calls to head recruiters to candidate interviews to pre-made SOP guides. He also highlights the importance of ongoing support, providing US-based CSM guidance, retention support for virtual assistants, and live masterminds for both clients and virtual assistants. By attending this talk, you will learn how to hire a virtual assistant with expert guidance, ensuring a smooth experience; appreciate the vital role that coaching and support have in the successful integration of virtual assistants into your business; and discover how live masterminds can keep both clients and virtual assistants motivated and informed for optimal productivity and effectiveness.
Burnout To Bliss:
How VAs Unlock Time, Growth, And Peace In Your Business
Justin helps business owners who are overwhelmed with work, challenged by time management, and managing various aspects of their businesses with limited success. He is on a mission to help two million business owners prevent burnout by providing them with affordable quality labor and support by 2033.

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