The Compassionate Caregiving Advocate

Katrina D. Hall-Smith brings a wealth of experience and heartfelt dedication to your event, offering attendees not just education but also a roadmap to resilience in elderly care. Her commitment is to guide attendees toward a future where caregiving becomes a fulfilling, well-balanced part of their lives.

Katrina D. Hall-Smith

Katrina D. Hall-Smith casts a lifeline of strategic guidance and supportive networks to empower parents in the multifaceted journey of elderly care. She is dedicated to uplifting the lives of 100,000 families with enriched caregiving experiences by 2025.
Katrina D. Hall-Smith, a retired Army Veteran and co-founder of J225 Ventures, utilizes her extensive experience as a physician and administrator to support families caring for elderly patients. With a deep understanding of the challenges faced, including disjointed healthcare, financial constraints, and emotional stress, Katrina offers practical guidance, resources, and communities for those navigating the complexities of elderly care. Her dedication to this mission empowers countless individuals to improve their caregiving experience and well-being.
Katrina is on a mission to assist 100,000 families to live more enriched lives by 2025.


“It’s always nice to read your take on business, manufacturing, management, and self-improvement. You have lots of good advice and words of wisdom!”
— E. Higgins, CIRAS Automation Project Manager
“I value the years we worked together, and learned a lot from you.”
— J. Kaiser, Director Of Supply Chain

Speaking Topic

Guiding Your Parent: Navigating The Challenges Of The Role-Reversal

As families face the poignant shift from supporting independent elders to becoming their pillars of strength, Katrina Hall-Smith steps forward to address this transformative phase. In her talk, she unveils a compassionate approach to preserving the dignity of our aging loved ones while safeguarding their health and happiness. Attendees will leave with a treasure trove of insights and aids, equipped to embrace the role reversal with grace and efficacy, ensuring a serene caregiving voyage for both themselves and their elderly parents.

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