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Author, Coach, Speaker, Helped Empower Hundreds Of Women Heal

About Kirsten D Samuel

Kirsten D Samuel has a deep understanding of the pain and confusion that comes with discovering a spouse’s porn addiction. As a coach, she has helped countless women find their inner strength, regain their confidence, and create a healthy and fulfilling future. Kirsten’s expertise in this field has earned her numerous speaking engagements and media appearances, including features on the Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast and Chris Fabry Live on the Moody Radio Network. Her clients are empowered to rediscover their own identity and hope for a brighter tomorrow beyond their partner’s addiction.

Kirsten D Samuel is on a mission to help 100,000 women who have struggled with their partners’ pornography use navigate how to move on and create confidence so that they can cultivate a healthy path forward by 2030.


“We had Kirsten D Samuel speak in front of Mom’s Connect, a group for women with children. She came with a timely & encouraging message. Our group of women raved about her visit & we cannot wait to have her again. We walked away with hope for a new day! Kirsten D Samuel over-delivered! Thank you!” 

— Laura Johnson, Leader, Mom’s Connect, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, CO

“Kirsten D Samuel offers the greatest blend of compassion and truth and helps you focus on the deeper issues preventing you from moving forward in your healing process. I was so grateful to have her guiding me from the beginning, and her coaching is well worth the cost!” 

— a former client

“It is my pleasure and honor to endorse Kirsten D Samuel as a speaker.  Kirsten spoke to Women of Excellence with a Purpose in January 2023. She did a fantastic job and presented a workbook for the women to use during her talk. She was well-versed in her topic and spoke with passion. The women left the meeting saying it was the best meeting we had.” 

— Rhonda Czarnik, Founder, Women Of Excellence with A Purpose

“She was not only a guest that transparently and honestly shared her story and communicated that in order to help people, but she remained a friend. She has supported our podcast, we’ve supported her, we wrote a book together, and everything’s been wonderful. So as a guest, as a business partner, and as a human, I highly recommend Kirsten D Samuel. If you have any questions, reach out to me.” 

— David Pasqualone, Host, The Remarkable People Podcast

Speaking Topics

From Heartbreak To Healing: A Guide To Overcoming Porn In Your Marriage

The revelation of your partner’s porn addiction can be devastating to your marriage, but it doesn’t have to mean the end. In her powerful keynote talk, Kirsten D Samuel guides attendees through the painful process of healing and rebuilding after discovering porn in their relationship. With compassion and expertise, Kirsten D Samuel provides practical tools and strategies for acknowledging the problem, repairing the damage, and restoring a healthy, fulfilling marriage. Attendees will walk away learning how to initiate the Aftershock Recovery Method, how to find the freedom to be who they are beyond their partner’s struggles, and ways to rekindle hope to find joy in life once again.

Moving Forward Together: Navigating The Challenges Of Porn Addiction In Marriage

Kirsten D Samuel, an expert in healing the wounds caused by pornography addiction in relationships, has dedicated herself to empowering women to regain their confidence and find a healthy path forward. Her goal is to help 100,000 women overcome the struggles of their partners’ pornography use and find hope for a brighter future by 2030.

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