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Larry Evans is a seasoned CEO dedicated to supporting business owners in navigating the complex and emotional journey of selling their hard-earned enterprises. Recognizing the multitude of sacrifices made by these entrepreneurs over the years, Larry appreciates the emotional weight of the decision to sell and the potential lack of awareness regarding the tax implications, which often represent the most significant expense in such transactions. Through his expert guidance, business owners find themselves equipped to sell their companies while minimizing tax liabilities and maximizing their net proceeds.
Larry is on a mission to help US business owners save over $2 billion in taxes by 2030.


“Ben has a way of connecting that is very authentic. He has great advice, is a fantastic speaker, and shares stories and lessons that are relevant to every person in any audience.”
— Brian Faust
“Ben has the ability to take the complex, unpack it, and make it relatable and easy to understand.”
— Jonathan Douglas
“Something about the way Ben presents showed me how much he cares. He really wants people to live their best and most productive lives.”
— Andrea Clauder

Speaking Topic

How To Reduce Tax On The Sale Of Your Business By 50%-99%

When business owners decide to sell their enterprises, they often face the daunting prospect of significant tax liabilities, which can consume a large portion of the sale proceeds. In his talk, Larry delves into the intricacies of tax reduction strategies during such critical transactions. Attendees will learn how to substantially decrease their tax obligations, potentially saving a substantial percentage of their hard-earned capital when they decide to transition out of their business ventures.

Note To Meeting Planners

The Entrepreneur’s Ally In Business Sales

Larry Evans serves as a lifeline to business owners seeking to maximize their sale proceeds with minimal tax impact. His commitment is to save US business owners over $2 billion in taxes.
With four decades of expertise in orchestrating the sale of businesses, Larry Evans has been instrumental in slashing tax impacts for entrepreneurs by a staggering 50%-99%. He is dedicated to helping American business owners conserve more than $2 billion in taxes by 2030.

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