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Corporate Healthcare Leader, Personal Trainer, Coach

About Lindsey

Lindsey Parson is a corporate healthcare leader, personal trainer, and nurse practitioner. She specializes in empowering women who struggle with feelings of unworthiness despite their successes. Through one-on-one coaching, she helps them overcome barriers, tap into their true potential, and fulfill their dreams.
Lindsey guides each woman towards clarity in their life goals, fosters mindset shifts, establishes healthy boundaries, and encourages them out of their comfort zone. Her primary objective revolves around supporting women in finding self-love, actualizing their dream lives, and serving as powerful role models for their children and future generations.
Lindsey is on a mission to help one million women love their bodies and live the life of their dreams while helping their children to do the same by 2035!


“No matter what Lindsey may be going through in life she never fails to be the biggest fan and cheerleader to everyone else in her life. She is the real-life Wonder Woman to me.”
— Brandy Crawford
“Lindsey is the perfect listener. She gets to the heart of my pain and frustration. She guides me to figure out what is causing the frustration. She never guesses. She asks questions to guide it out!”
— Brittaney Lunsford
“Working with Lindsey as a trainer/coach is like working with a close friend. She takes the time to get to know you and really listens to your needs and struggles. She pushes you to be your best and cheers the loudest when you reach your goals. She’s also the best at nudging you back on track if you veer off course a little.”
— Meghan Grim

Speaking Topics

Charting Your Course: Navigating Boldly To The Life You've Dreamed Of

Many feel stuck, frustrated, and unfulfilled by their current circumstances. They want to live authentically and boldly, but they don’t know how to overcome the obstacles and challenges that stand in their way. In her talk, Lindsey shows you how to chart your course to the life you’ve always wanted. She teaches you how to gain clarity about your vision, how to transform your thoughts to shape your reality, and how to set healthy boundaries that protect your energy and values. By the end of her talk, attendees will have a clear map of their future and the confidence to take the next steps, no matter where they are starting from.

Embracing Your Worth: Building Body Love And Achieving Life Dreams

Body image issues often affect the self-esteem, happiness, and relationships of women and moms who struggle with them. They tend to pass on these negative beliefs and habits to their children, creating a cycle of self-hate and dissatisfaction. They want to love their body and live their dreams, but they don’t know how to break free from the limiting stories they tell themselves. In her talk, Lindsey helps you embrace your worth and build body love. She shares simple strategies that you can use with your children to help them develop a positive and healthy relationship with their bodies. She also shows you how to achieve your life dreams by aligning your actions with your values and passions. Attendees will have the tools and the mindset to live a more authentic and fulfilling life by loving their bodies and living their dreams.

Empowering The Next Generation: Foster Positive Self-Image And Boundaries In Our Youth And Teens

Many women struggle with their own body image issues, and they may not realize how much they influence their children’s self-perception and boundaries. They want to empower their children to have a positive and healthy relationship with themselves and others, but they don’t know how to model and teach them these skills. In her talk, Lindsey shares powerful practices that you can apply to your own life as a woman and mother to boost your self-image and set clear boundaries. She also shows you how to use these practices with your children to help them develop a strong sense of self-worth and respect for themselves and others. Attendees will have the tools and the confidence they need to empower the next generation by fostering positive self-image and boundaries in themselves and their children.
Love Yourself, Live Your Dreams, And Inspire Your Children
Lindsey empowers women to cultivate self-love, manifest their dream lives, and inspire their children and future generations. Her vision is to transform the lives of one million women by 2035 by helping them love their bodies and live their dreams.

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