Lita Quetnick

CEO of Private Space Airways,
Former Airline Pilot

About Lita

Lita Quetnick stands at the helm as the CEO of Private Space Airways and The SilverAir Group, Inc. to revolutionize how we experience travel. As a former airline pilot, she knows how airplanes operate. She moved on to enhance the journey of thousands of top-tier executives on transatlantic routes from the US to Europe, and her expertise has dramatically enriched the corporate travel sphere. Having substantially improved executive travel experiences for two Fortune 100 companies, Lita can transform long-haul flights with today’s technologies. The groundbreaking launch of Private Space Airways will ensure business voyagers’ unmatched travel comforts with improved rest and air quality for superior sleep.

Lita is on a mission to empower one billion travelers to feel better and more rested on every flight by 2029.


“Lita has forgotten more than most people know about high-end travel.”
— Bryan Coventry, Former VP of Marketing For Several US And UK airlines
“Lita approaches her work with great gusto and is driven to achieve her desired result.”
— Mel Croner, Chairman Of The Croner Company, A Global Consulting Company

“You cannot tell Lita ‘no.’ She will find a way.”

— Kathy Byers, VP of Market Development And Vendor Relations
“Lita is passionate and speaks with authority from years of studying long-haul air travel.”
— Sharman Reecher, CEO And President Of Challenger Yacht And Jet Charter

Speaking Topics

Redefining Air Travel Standards And Making Flying Enjoyable Again

Flying can be stressful, uncomfortable, and even harmful to your health. But what if it could be different? What if you could enjoy flying again? In this talk, the audience will understand how specific fundamental changes can revolutionize the flight experience. Lita explores the essentials that can bring about unprecedented transformations in air travel for every passenger. Emphasizing the necessity for improved air quality, enhanced work environments, and superior flight relaxation, she provides insights into creating an ambiance that significantly reduces air toxicity. Attendees will have a firm grasp on ensuring smoother travel experiences and the imperative need for modifications in current air travel conditions.

Beating Jet Lag: 3 Transformative Strategies In Commercial Air Travel

Jet lag can ruin your travel experience and harm your health. But what if you could avoid it or reduce it significantly? In this talk, Lita shares the top three strategies that can help you beat jet lag and enjoy your flights more. She explains how adding humidification, staying hydrated, and improving the air quality on board can make a huge difference in your well-being and comfort. By attending this talk, you will discover how to overcome jet lag and learn about the physical effects of air travel and how to prevent them.
Redefining Flight Comfort For Every Traveler, Every Trip, Every Time
Lita is a travel experience specialist who has enhanced the comfort and well-being of thousands of high-level executives who travel from the US to Europe. Her goal is to make one billion travelers feel better and more rested on every flight by 2029.

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