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Life Mastery Consultant, Coach, Speaker

About Lynn

Lynn Brinckmeyer is a Life Mastery Consultant who focuses on helping women love their careers again. Having faced personal challenges as a young mother and high school dropout, she defied the odds and embarked on a three-decade journey as a highly accomplished university professor. After witnessing other women struggle to find joy in their work, Lynn now dedicates her expertise to supporting mid-career women who find themselves overburdened, burned out, and questioning their longevity. Through her transformative Time Of Your Life Coaching Program, Lynn empowers women with simple yet powerful strategies and solutions to reignite their love for their jobs, themselves, and their lives.
Lynn is on a mission to empower 1 million mid-career women to create lives they love by equipping them with strategies and simple solutions by 2033.


“Lynn is a wonderful coach. She provides a mix of specific advice that is applicable now and prompts to allow you to forge your own way. Lynn helped me sort through the professional challenges I was facing day to day and some of the larger decisions I needed to make regarding my career. She made me see things in a new way. Lynn is easy to talk to, and I always leave our meetings with energy, ready to meet my challenges with confidence.”
— Dean Luethi, Director of the School of Music, Washington State University
“Throughout the last 18 years of our professional relationship, Lynn has been — and continues to be — my most valued confidant and mentor. She is an active, engaged, and compassionate listener who seeks to understand as she shares precise feedback balanced by impeccable integrity and wisdom, which she gained through years of practical experience. I go to Lynn for what I need to hear rather than what I want to hear, and I’m confident that she is gently calling me to my better self to align my actions with my goals for the best outcomes.”
— Joey Martin, Associate Dean, Texas State University
“I have always admired your work, and I am genuinely grateful for your guidance and support over the last 11 years.”
— Russell Haight, Professor, Texas State University
“Reflecting on the immense impact of your mentorship brings me to tears! I carry your teachings with me every day and will for the rest of my life.”
— Isabel White, Doctoral student

Speaking Topic

Unlocking Your Path To Fulfillment: 3 Strategies To Revitalize Your Career And Life

Are you feeling trapped in a mid-career slump, overwhelmed and burned out by the very job that was once your passion? Lynn Brinckmeyer has the answers you’ve been seeking. In her powerful keynote talk, she takes you on a transformative journey to rediscover your purpose and reignite the flame of fulfillment in your life. Through her signature process, Lynn guides you by unraveling the thought patterns holding you back, providing three proven strategies that will empower you to upgrade your life. Get ready to love your job, embrace self-empowerment, and experience a profound shift toward a life that truly fulfills you.
Empowering Mid-Career Women To Thrive In Life And Work
Lynn Brinckmeyer, a visionary Life Mastery Consultant, empowers mid-career women with transformative strategies and solutions to craft a life and career that truly resonates with their passions. With an ambitious goal of impacting the lives of 1 million women by 2033, Lynn is dedicated to leading a profound paradigm shift toward personal fulfillment and professional success.

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