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Reading Comprehension And Learning Coach, Speaker

About Lynne

Lynne Walker is a learning coach who has a passion for helping students master the skill of effective reading. She knows firsthand how reading comprehension can be a struggle for many learners, as she faced this challenge herself at a young age. She felt overwhelmed by the amount of text she had to read and understand, and this affected her reading productivity and enjoyment. However, with determination and perseverance, she discovered the solution that transformed her reading abilities, and now she is committed to equipping and empowering students who face similar struggles.
Lynne is now on a mission to help 1 million students improve their reading skills and comprehension by 2028.


“Lynne provides readers with tools to make positive changes that will have a lasting impact in their lives.”

— Dr. E., OR
“Lynne Walker has given me quick reference tools to double my reading speed. With practice and dedication, I am able to stay on pace alongside my younger cohorts.”
— Tiya Bedford
“This was an excellent workshop with practical exercises and worthwhile information that I can use in both my professional and personal life. Great stuff! Excellent class!”
— Tom P., CA

Speaking Topics

The Ideal State Of Mind For Reading: What It Is, Why It Matters, And How To Get It

Reading is a skill that can open up new worlds of knowledge and opportunity, but many people struggle with it. They feel frustrated by their slow reading speed, lack of comprehension, and inability to retain what they read. They wonder if there is a better way to read and learn. In this talk, Lynne Walker reveals the secret to optimal reading proficiency: the ideal state of mind. She explains how the way we think about reading affects our reading outcomes and how we can change our mindset to read more effectively. She also shares three practical strategies to help us achieve the ideal state of mind for reading, such as setting goals, using visualization, and applying feedback. Attendees will walk away knowing how to increase their reading speed and comprehension, gain confidence, and reduce overwhelm.

Reading Smarter Not Harder: Tools And Techniques To Supercharge Your Reading Skills

Many people find reading to be a daunting task. They have trouble remembering what they read, and they feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to process. They wish they could read more effectively and efficiently, and enjoy the benefits of learning from books. In this talk, Lynne Walker shows attendees how to transform their reading experience. She presents practical tools and techniques that will revolutionize the way they approach reading, enabling them to absorb knowledge faster, retain information longer, and become a more efficient and effective reader.

Beyond Reading: Mastering Advanced Strategies For Enhanced Speed, Comprehension, And Lifelong Learning

We live in the information age and all of us are inundated with marketing, ads, and things that need our constant attention. We are always connected, reading posts, articles, and emails that seem to come in the hundreds. In her talk, Lynne Walker shows your attendees how to not let their reading speeds hold them back from advancing in their careers, joining a book club, or mastering an exam. She gives practical advice that will get them reading in no time and make the process faster for them overall. Attendees will walk away knowing the importance of reading skills on lifelong learning and how to make the necessary changes to change their relationship with reading, what Information Fatigue Syndrome is and how it affects them, and how to deal with it so they can love reading again.
Read Faster, Understand More, And Retain Knowledge
Lynne Walker is a learning coach who loves helping students master the skill of reading effectively. Her vision is to empower one million students by 2028 with improved reading abilities and comprehension.

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