Mandy Leigh

Founder Of Survivor On Fire, Coach, Author

About Mandy

Mandy Leigh is a coach, an author, and the founder of Survivor On Fire. Having overcome her personal traumatic experiences, including sex trafficking and mental illness, she utilizes her past to transform the lives of Christian women experiencing similar obstacles.
Mandy has spent three years converting her experiences into a blueprint for others to heal and flourish. Through custom programs, Mandy aids her clients in overcoming past wounds and becoming authors or speakers, amplifying their voices and spreading empowerment. Mandy is committed to illuminating the path for others and helping them find their purpose. Believing that everyone has a potent story to share and a purpose to fulfill, she encourages others to convert their pain into power. Together, they burn brightly, lighting up the world.
Mandy is on a mission to transform the culture for Christ by healing 100,000 trauma survivors by 2030.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Mandy Leigh as a peer, her direct lead, and my direct lead. Working with Mandy Leigh has always been a pleasure because she is a team player. She is Spirit-led, honest, direct, and gives good direction. Her work is exceptional, and she listens to all suggestions with discernment.”
— Lu Ann Topovski, Host Of The Kingdom View, International Speaker And Best-Selling Author
“Mandy Leigh has gifts of clarity and putting together the message in your heart. I am now confident and strong in telling my message to the world.”
— Sophia Van Brunt, Former Client, Co-Founder Of Survivor On Fire movement
“I’ve never felt alone in my healing journey because of you and the gifts you shared with me along the way.”
— Britney Molina, Client, Mental Health Practitioner
“Mandy Leigh possesses many great qualities and is a joy to work with. She inspires and advocates for others to achieve their goals and consistently motivates our students to be the best version of themselves.”
— Zack Lowe, President Of Kingdom Builders Academy

Speaking Topic

Triumph Over Trauma: 3 Pillars To Unleashing Your True Potential

Many people struggle with the effects of personal trauma, such as fear, anxiety, shame, and unworthiness. They feel trapped by their past pain, unable to move forward and fulfill their true potential. In this session, Mandy reveals a new perspective on how to triumph over trauma. She shares the three pillars to unleashing your true potential: breaking free from the shackles of past pain, discovering your life purpose, and using your personal experiences as a strong foundation for the future. By applying these three pillars, attendees will discover how to build better relationships, view life differently, and nurture self-confidence. They will learn how to break free from stagnation and experience joy, peace, and happiness. Attendees will also understand how they can become Kingdom Influencers, transforming their hardships into their platform and using their voices to impact others meaningfully and positively.
A Guiding Light For Survivors
Mandy helps trauma survivors heal from the wounds of the past, find their purpose, and share their survivor stories to inspire and empower others in a dark world. Mandy’s mission is to transform the culture for Christ by reaching 100,000 trauma survivors with her message of hope and healing by 2030.

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