Marc B. Ruiz

Real Estate Investor, Mentor, Coach

About Marc

Marc B. Ruiz is the former president of Tulsa Real Estate Investors Association as well as a house-flipper, millionaire landlord, mentor, coach, and motivator. With over two decades of experience in the Tulsa real estate investment market, Marc Ruiz is a trusted expert in flipping, restoring, and bringing life back to local housing. He has remodeled over 600 houses in Oklahoma and currently owns and manages over 200 units.
Marc currently helps busy, high-income-earning professionals who are dissatisfied with their current investments to invest in real estate with trusted professionals who can provide them with stable and predictable returns backed by real property. He delivers investment opportunities in cash-flowing real estate properties, taking the guesswork out of how much money they will make.
Marc is on a mission to show 1,000 investors a new way of real estate investing that is not only more profitable but also creates a lasting positive change in the community by 2029.


“I am an admirer of your hustle and hard work. You do a solid job in the community and should be proud. I love following your journey and how open and honest you are! Keep it up, Marc.”
— Justin P.
“I have watched you for some time on socials and I am extremely impressed. Your transparency is bar none and I respect you to the extreme! Plus, I have felt a transition in your spirit this year. To say the least, I am IMPRESSED with you, Marc! I believe that ‘like’ begets ‘like.’ We will level up through solid networking.”
— J.C. Prince
“I just want to say thank you for doing what you do and being beyond the stereotype. You are making a difference. Safe affordable housing is changing lives.”
— Kathy King

Speaking Topic

Affordable Housing Means Profitable Investing:
How To Maximize Your Passive Income And Make An Impact On Your Community

Many people want to make a positive difference in their community and increase their wealth at the same time, but they don’t know how. They are tired of the unpredictable and risky stock market and are looking for a better way to invest their hard-earned money. This talk is for them. In this talk, Marc shows them how to invest in affordable housing, a proven and profitable strategy that not only generates stable and predictable returns but also improves the lives of the people who live in it. He explains the steps and benefits of investing in affordable housing and how it can outperform any other real estate investing option. Leaving this talk, attendees will have a clear understanding of how they can make 3x-5x their investment with a rinse-and-repeat system. They will also understand how to “recession-proof” their investments with the right type of real estate to maximize their earning today, tomorrow, and for all the years to come.

Note To Meeting Planners

A Seasoned Real Estate Investor And Coach

Marc is a millionaire landlord who has over two decades of experience in real estate. He teaches attendees how to invest in real estate with confidence and security and generate stable and predictable returns from cash-flowing properties.
For 20 years, Marc has taught hundreds of people how to create steady income through real estate investing. His vision is to reveal to 1,000 investors a new way of real estate investing that is more lucrative and impactful for the community by 2029.

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