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Founder of Live Your Message, Speaker, Online Education Expert, and Pioneer of the Experience Product

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About Marisa Murgatroyd

Marisa Murgatroyd is the founder of Live Your Message, where she turns entrepreneurs into Online Superheroes. At 4’11 and a quarter, she’s called the shortest woman in marketing — and that doesn’t stop her from having huge ideas.

 She’s the “go to” brand builder for industry luminaries and heavyweights such as Justin Livingston, Callan Rush, Danny Iny, Alexis Neely and Susan Peirce Thompson. 

Marisa helps entrepreneurs create a business that is authentic and aligned with who they are, to empower them to turn up the dial on their “inner superhero”, so they can be the superhero to their tribe, as well as in their own lives.


“After testing several things, I finally got clarity around my message and started to see what my business could be. In what seemed like overnight, I made my first $10K! I continued to refine my message and work my plan to create a year with a predictable flow of at least $7,000 per month from my new business. I’m glad I took the year to get the clarity I have with my business.”


“Within 4 months I was able to retire from my full-time position and dedicate my life to serving communities in a different way. I made $92,000, which was double what I made from my government job. I’m on track to make over six figures this year!”


“My view of sales and the services I offer have changed drastically since joining Blue Sky Mentorship. I no longer feel the need to discount my services in order to make a sale. My master mentor helped me work through my money beliefs, allowing me to enjoy the pleasure of abundance rather than the pain of scarcity. The retreats are heavy-duty work sessions that challenge you to thinking critically, brainstorm new ideas and continuously improve.”


“I had a big, nebulous idea that I could make a business out of, but I couldn’t define what that would look like in the real world. Through my experiences in Blue Sky Mentorship, I was able to take it from an idea with no form and create my brand, define what I do and how I help change people’s lives, organize the logistics of actually running a business, and most importantly uncover how to get my message out into the world.”


Speaking Topics

Discover the #1 Secret of the Bestselling Apps & Games to Design Super-Sticky Products that Get Your Customers Hooked on You

Discover how to apply the secrets of the app and game industry to create online courses and information products that get students and clients hooked on taking action, getting results, and ultimately buying from you over and over again.

Marisa helps entrepreneurs cut through the noise of billions of websites to be the most bold and powerful expression of who they are leading to more sales, repeat customers, and making a greater impact.

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