A Medicare Maestro: Simplifying Healthcare For Seniors

Mark Lumia, known as “MedicareMark,” is a seasoned expert with over 35 years of experience guiding seniors through the complexities of Medicare. Inviting him to speak at your event will equip your attendees with the tools and confidence they need to navigate healthcare decisions, ensuring they secure the best coverage for their unique needs.

Mark Lumia

Mark is dedicated to guiding 100,000 retirees through the labyrinth of Medicare by 2028, equipping them with the clarity and confidence to secure personalized coverage that safeguards their financial future and supports their pursuit of a healthy, worry-free retirement.
Mark Lumia, known as “MedicareMark,” is the founder and CEO of True Wealth Group, LLC, and has been a respected leader in Medicare solutions since 1989. Dedicated to supporting seniors overwhelmed by Medicare choices, Mark simplifies the process, ensuring they avoid penalties and make the best decision between Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage plans. His guidance offers clients peace of mind, financial security, and tailored healthcare coverage. With Mark’s expertise, seniors navigate Medicare confidently, focusing on a healthy and secure future.
Mark is on a mission to help 100,000 seniors on Medicare navigate healthcare with ease by 2028.


“Mark Lumia, CFP, of True Wealth Group, LLC, is my go-to guy for wealth maintenance and income planning. I am impressed with his vast knowledge of financial products and tax laws he brings to the table for planning (peace of mind) strategies for today’s volatile markets. I find Mark easy to work with and his strategies flexible for seniors like myself to accommodate retirement spending as a viable choice if needed.”
— John Wisner
“My wife and I moved from Pennsylvania to The Villages, FL. We had to find someone to invest with a safety net. I called True Wealth Group, LLC, and met Mark Lumia. We have been with Mark for twelve years. He showed us several companies to look at. We have been very happy with the returns. Mark has always been available to answer my questions.”
— Ben Lewis
“Mark Lumia has been very helpful and knowledgeable in my decisions on Medicare and other financial decisions.”
— Marilyn Alesse

Speaking Topic

Navigating The Medicare Maze: 3 Strategies To Sidestep Costly Penalties

Retiring seniors often find themselves adrift in a sea of Medicare complexities, unsure of how to chart a course that safeguards their financial well-being. The myriad of options, deadlines, and potential penalties can be daunting, leaving many retirees feeling overwhelmed and vulnerable. In his talk, “MedicareMark” unravels the enigma of Medicare enrollment, dissecting the various facets of Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D. He meticulously crafts a roadmap for securing coverage and premiums that resonate with individual needs while steering clear of financial pitfalls. Tailored for those poised on the brink of retirement, his guidance is a beacon, illuminating the path to a confident and informed start in Medicare. Attendees will learn how to clearly comprehend the workings of Medicare, discern differences between Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage plans, and how to take the next step in their healthcare planning with assurance.

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