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About Michael

Michael Council is the founder of EC Technology Consulting Services LLC, bringing over 25 years of expertise from his tenure in the US Army and roles within European Command and NATO Cyberspace Operations. Transitioning his vast experience to the private sector, Michael has enhanced cybersecurity measures for organizations like the MARTA Police Department, Truist Bank, and Verizon Telecommunications. Specializing in simplifying the audit process for businesses and government agencies, he ensures they meet cybersecurity regulations, secure their IT resources, and maintain client trust. His cybersecurity assessments and audit preparation services have successfully steered hundreds of clients through compliance, fostering secure business environments conducive to growth.
Michael is on a mission to help 1,000 veteran small and medium business owners generate over 1 billion dollars in clients as a result of their industry-recognized cybersecurity certifications.


“Michael is well-versed in cybersecurity and strategic IT planning. He is someone who has performed at a high level on a global stage. He gives you a local feel but has a global reach. As the CEO of a growing organization, I advise you to work with EC Technology to secure your business resources.”
— Jean “Coach” Austin, Founder/CEO Of Austin Strategies
“He was one of the speakers and facilitators at my Sowing Our Seeds Empowerment Convergence. As a cybersecurity expert, he provided valuable insight on how to posture any business to bid on government contracts. Despite the complexity of the information, he made the learning fun and relatable. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Michael and EC Technology Consulting Services.”
— Lori Smith, Founder/CEO Of Acuelligent
“He teaches and manages cybersecurity awareness programs for businesses. He also talked about implementing a phishing campaign to test/validate our ability to avoid phishing attacks. The information provided was valuable and timely.”
— Daniel Wingate, Operating In The Black LLC

Speaking Topics

It’s Not A Matter Of If, But When:
3 Essential Steps To Ace Any Cyber Audit

In today’s digital age, businesses face the daunting task of navigating complex cybersecurity assessments to ensure regulatory compliance. This talk, crafted for business owners feeling the heat of these challenges, outlines the problem and provides a laser-focused guide on three out of the ten critical steps needed to pass any cybersecurity audit with flying colors. Attendees will learn the significance of thoroughly documenting IT resources, the necessity of conducting annual cybersecurity awareness training, and how to identify and counteract the three most common threats every business faces.

Safeguard Your Digital Frontier:
Keeping Hackers At Bay

Business owners often wrestle with the ever-looming threat of cyber attacks. In his talk, Michael reveals how a strategic approach to cybersecurity can help protect sensitive information from hackers and prepare businesses for the rigors of cybersecurity audits. Attendees will learn the pivotal steps of identifying vital IT assets, how to leverage branding in cybersecurity, and the essentials of ongoing employee training to foster a culture of security awareness.

Note To Meeting Planners

An Architect Of Cybersecurity

Michael Council is a titan in cybersecurity with a legacy of safeguarding organizations. His expertise promises to empower your attendees with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity compliance and protect their business interests.
Michael is the mastermind behind transforming complex audit procedures into streamlined pathways for businesses and agencies, guaranteeing their adherence to stringent cybersecurity mandates. He is dedicated to helping 1,000 veteran-owned small and medium businesses amass over a billion dollars in client value, all through the power of acclaimed cybersecurity credentials.

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