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Michael Jesse specializes in turning chaotic workplaces into thriving environments, equipping your attendees with proven methodologies to boost team performance and customer relations. Michael can be trusted to deliver a session that not only addresses critical business challenges but also inspires lasting change.

Michael Jesse

Michael’s extensive experience in leadership and talent development has enabled him to turn countless struggling teams into thriving, high-performing units. By 2035, he aims to support 1,000,000 well-being economy businesses in creating innovative solutions that benefit both humanity and the environment.
Michael Jesse is a leadership consultant renowned for addressing critical issues founders of innovative companies face, such as slow product roadmaps, team conflicts, and customer loss. Based in Tucson, Arizona, and founder of the Curiosity Center, Michael revitalizes underperforming teams into efficient, innovative units. With his proven methodologies, he helps align team dynamics with ambitious product roadmaps, turning chaotic workplaces into environments where collaboration and creativity thrive, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and business growth.
Michael is on a mission to help 1,000,000 well-being economy businesses in their quest to create innovative solutions that benefit both humanity and the environment by 2035.


“It’s always nice to read your take on business, manufacturing, management, and self-improvement. You have lots of good advice and words of wisdom!”
— E. Higgins, CIRAS Automation Project Manager
“I value the years we worked together, and learned a lot from you.”
— J. Kaiser, Director Of Supply Chain

Speaking Topic

Transforming Chaos into Collaboration: Three Essential Steps Most Teams Miss

Business owners often struggle with teams mired in chaos, leading to inefficiencies and missed goals. In this talk, Michael Jesse addresses these challenges by guiding attendees through three transformative steps to foster collaboration. Participants will gain practical strategies for managing conflicts, establishing clear agreements, and crafting persuasive arguments, all aimed at boosting team productivity and alignment with company objectives. By mastering the “Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Management Model,” attendees will be equipped with the skills to efficiently resolve team conflicts, enhance leadership, and unify their teams toward common goals.

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