Michael Peters, M.D.

Divine Healing Coach

About Dr. Peters

In the realm of depression recovery, Dr. Michael Peters emerges as a guiding light, boasting over three decades of dedicated expertise as a best-selling author and life coach. His profound commitment lies in helping individuals over 18 navigate and conquer ongoing depression, fostering a life of newfound joy and freedom.
Dr. Peters brings a holistic approach to the table, seamlessly intertwining physical health with emotional and spiritual healing. With a keen focus on alleviating the pervasive sense of isolation and despair linked to chronic depression, he tailors personalized life coaching strategies for each client. Dr. Peters’ ultimate mission is to empower individuals to break free from the shackles of depression, rediscover the beauty of happiness, and reignite their passion for life.
Dr. Peters is on a mission to see 50,000 people set free from depression.


Dr. Michael Peters showed me how to change my destructive ways of thinking. He and his wife, Mary Jo, were very kind and loving to me. Through his compassionate coaching, I am now living a life of hope and peace, completely healed of all my depression and anxiety. I am off all my medications, and I never had any withdrawal symptoms.
— Sara K., Housewife and mother
Dr. Michael Peters was able to cut through the fog of the world and give us counsel that resonated with our spirit. Instead of being demoralized or in a state of despair because of our daughter’s illness, we had joy and peace in our lives despite her circumstances. Not only is he spiritually gifted to guide people through difficult times, but he and his wife have a deep compassion for people. They help guide you through the problem, and you feel loved while they help you.”
— Deb C., Musician/Singer

Speaking Topics

Reclaiming Joy: Beat Depression Without Drugs

In the transformative talk, Dr. Peters addresses the profound challenge of persistent depression with tailored insights and practical guidance. Participants are invited to delve into the roots of their emotional struggles, gaining an understanding of the cause of their condition. Dr. Peters empowers attendees with practical measures to kick-start the healing process, fostering the pathway to regaining a joyful life. As they leave the session, participants will carry a refreshed outlook on depression, nourished with hope and armed with actionable strategies to embark on their journey toward healing. This talk is a beacon for those seeking not just to understand but to conquer depression without relying on medications.

Depression Deconstructed: A Drug-Free Path To A Happy Life

Tailored for adults entangled in the relentless grip of constant depression, this session is a dedicated exploration of the affliction’s underlying causes and a roadmap toward practical steps for recovery. Dr. Peters invites attendees to embark on a transformative journey, unraveling new perspectives on depression and cultivating optimism in overcoming it. As the talk unfolds, participants will gain profound insights into the root causes of their depression, empowering them with actionable steps to initiate the healing journey. Rediscover freedom and reclaim control of your life in this empowering session with Dr. Michael Peters.

Note to Meeting Planners

Transformative Global Speaker
Dr. Michael Peters is trusted for his wealth of experience and proven methods, ensuring that attendees gain not only valuable insights but also tangible strategies to overcome depression and embrace a life filled with joy. Clients who book Dr. Peters are not merely securing a speaker: they are providing their audience with the tools to enjoy life again and liberate themselves from the grips of depression, all without the reliance on medications.

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