The Visionary Symbologist

Michelle Snyder, a celebrated author and symbologist, offers profound insights that demystify the world of visual symbols. Your attendees will be inspired and equipped with innovative tools to enhance their creative clarity and expression.

Michelle Snyder

Over the past decade, Michelle’s captivating lectures and best-selling books have enlightened thousands on the intricacies of symbolism. Now, she aims to inspire 1,000,000 people to achieve clarity and creative brilliance through the power of symbolism by 2034.
Michelle Snyder, widely acclaimed as The Symbologist, defied the odds by transitioning from overcoming physical adversity in 2000 to earning a Master of Philosophy from the University of Wales and authoring 13 insightful books on symbology and fantasy. With deep roots in Grafton, MA, she strives to demystify the complexity of visual symbols for the New Age community, gamers, and artists, offering a clear roadmap to understanding and innovation. Through her work, Michelle provides transformative blueprints for visual clarity, enriching the lives of those she touches with ancient knowledge made accessible and empowering. Her vision propels her forward, aspiring to see symbology recognized academically and to impact the world on a grand scale with her teachings.
Michelle is on a mission to help 1,000,000 people gain clarity and creative inspiration through the power of symbolism by 2034.


“You and your work make the world a better place in which to live.”
— Christopher Milne
“I always enjoy your contributions to the Masonic Lite Podcast!”
— Michael O’Donovan
“Thank you for sharing, Michelle. I enjoy your content. It’s enlightening!”
— Kyle Crespo

Speaking Topics

The Art Of Symbology:
A Guide For Creative Writers

Many authors and creative writers face the daunting challenge of writer’s block and yearn for a more vibrant and expressive writing style. In this talk, Michelle Snyder delves into the essential techniques for decoding and integrating symbols into narratives, thereby enriching storytelling and deepening reader engagement. By mastering the art of symbology, writers can transform their work, making it more impactful and creatively fulfilling. Attendees will discover how to harness symbols to break through creative barriers, infuse their narratives with profound meaning, and captivate their audience through the power of visual language.

Visual Literacy For Artists:
Decoding Symbols For Greater Creativity

Artists frequently encounter creative blocks and seek deeper inspiration and clarity in their works. In this insightful talk, Michelle Snyder reveals essential techniques for interpreting and utilizing symbols, which will enhance artistic expressions and forge a stronger connection with audiences. Attendees will learn how to interpret symbols to unlock creative potential, techniques to integrate symbolic meaning into artistic works, and the benefits of visual literacy in artistic expression and audience engagement.

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