The Quantum Healer: Transforming Lives With Energy

Nadia Rose brings over 25 years of wellness expertise to your stage, offering a unique blend of energy healing and creative coaching that promises to rejuvenate and restore. Let her guide your audience on a path to wellness that’s as innovative as it is effective, leaving them pain-free and empowered.

Nadia Rose

For a quarter of a century, Nadia has been the architect of relief for over 100,000 people globally, liberating them from the shackles of pain. She is aiming to help one million individuals eradicate their chronic pain by the year 2034.
Nadia Rose has been practicing wellness and quantum energy healing for over 25 years, making her a seasoned practitioner in the field. She’s a certified happiness coach and a therapeutic art life coach, and has studied and practiced various energy and alternative wellness modalities extensively. She has spent her life dedicated to helping people overcome a range of health challenges, including chronic back pain, by using her mastery of different modalities.
Nadia is on a mission to help one million people prevent, heal, and rejuvenate from their chronic pain by 2034.


“Nadia Rose’s healing energy instantly alleviated my two-decades-long migraine in mere moments!”
— Jenny
“Nadia Rose’s remote session and its powerful healing vibrations liberated me from a week of debilitating back pain, enabling me to transition from being bedridden to a complete recovery, walking and living life fully once again.”
— Johnny
“After employing Nadia Rose’s ‘One Dot Healing Method’ and her potent healing vibrations in combination with Tao Calligraphy, my headache resulting from a head injury miraculously disappeared in one moment.”
— Martin

Speaking Topic

Breaking Free:
Holistic Paths To Conquer Chronic Pain

In a world where chronic pain ensnares countless individuals in a relentless grip that leaves them adrift in a sea of conventional treatments that offer no solace, Nadia Rose’s keynote emerges as a beacon of hope. In her talk, she taps into proven holistic healing practices, drawing from a wellspring of knowledge spanning over two decades to present alternatives that sidestep the need for surgery or ceaseless medication. Her approach is rooted in the profound understanding that true healing begins by addressing the underlying causes of pain and stress, not just the symptoms. Attendees will learn practical, holistic techniques to mitigate chronic pain; how to identify the underlying causes of their discomfort; and how to live pain-free without conventional medical interventions.

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