Nate Dodson

Managing Partner of Crowdfunding Lawyers, Speaker

About Nate

Nate Dodson Esq. is the Managing Partner of Crowdfunding Lawyers whose motto is “Securities Simplified,” and a Founding Partner of Dodson Legal Group. He received his Bachelor’s in Economics from the University of Texas in Austin and Juris Doctorate from the University of San Diego. He is currently a member of the Nevada and Texas State Bars.

Last year alone, Nate’s firm represented over 250 investment offerings and real estate investments. Nate and his firms have served over 2,000 clients who have raised over $5,000,000,000.

Nate recognizes that business owners need cash, but many are scared and unsure of where to start and are nervous about the possible legal issues that could arise with crowdfunding. Many business owners never hire an attorney because they are scared of finding a lousy lawyer, and as a result, feel unsure of the process associated with growing their business in this manner.

Nate and his firm use a team approach to their client’s legal and financing needs. By doing this, business owners get the hand-holding they need and the accurate legal advice, guidance, and support they deserve from one attorney and a team dedicated to their business from start to finish. Nate’s team offers clients peace of mind with a process that doesn’t require unnecessary risk or unknown expenses, so they can hit their goals faster and impact the world.


“The services Nate and his team promised me is exactly what I’ve gotten and then some. They’re always available and answering emails; anything I’ve needed they’ve guided me through.”
— Jill Zambon
“Nate was incredibly helpful in getting us set up and answered all of my questions as if it wasn’t the millionth time he had answered the same questions! I would highly recommend Crowdfunding Lawyers for companies small and large looking to grow by setting up a fund.”
— Nathan Turner
“Honestly, you guys are doing a fantastic job, and I’m not sure how what you could improve on. Just keep it up!!”
— Dan Brisse

Speaking Topics

Starting From Nothing: How To Go From Idea To Operations

Many entrepreneurs want to make an impact on the world with their businesses, and in order to do this at scale, capital must be raised. However, many business owners are fearful and don’t know where to start when trying to raise capital. In Nate’s talk, you will learn what is necessary to start the planning for your business success, how to best raise capital, what to do if things go wrong, how to protect yourself, and the necessary strategy to start a billion-dollar company on a shoestring budget.

3 Steps To Starting A Billion Dollar Business On A Shoestring Budget

For motivated business owners who are sick of wasting time and are ready to grow BIG with crowdfunding, but aren’t sure how to get started. Many business owners are scared of big legal fees and are unfamiliar with the process of sourcing money legally. In Nate’s talk, he addresses the most common concerns around crowdfunding and how to raise capital on a shoestring budget. He covers how to protect yourself in the process of sourcing, the importance of having a legal team, and the best strategy for starting a billion dollar company on a limited budget. 

Crowdfunding Made Easy To Help Your Business Reach New Heights
We empower our clients to raise funds legally, so they can focus on more important things.

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