Nazish Jafri and Noel Liu

Co-Founders of Secure Dental, Real Estate Investors, Mentors to Associate Dentists

About Nazish and Noel

Nazish Jafri and Noel Liu are the Co-Founders of Secure Dental; they opened their first office in Chicago in 2012. Since then, as husband and wife, they have developed, managed, and grown the organization to over 11 locations with a team of over 100 employees. They continually seek opportunities to scale and expand, and they have implemented many systems to remove redundant operations and streamline their systems. They now mentor associate dentists and help them start and build their practices, invest in real estate, and build generational wealth.

Dr. Noel Liu, DDS, is a highly skilled and compassionate general dentist with years of experience in the field. He has established a reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable dental professional. In addition to his successful dental practices, he is an accomplished real estate investor, demonstrating his business acumen and mentoring others in this field. 

Dr. Nazish Jafri graduated in 2001 as a dentist in Pakistan and has been practicing in the U.S. for twelve years. She is skilled in dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, aesthetics, healthcare management, and surgery. Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, she decided to tackle the industry with her husband, focusing on creating a patient-first experience. Secure Dental was the result of their mutual goal.

Nazish Jafri and Noel Liu are on a mission to mentor 1,000 dental doctors by 2030 through their proprietary model and help them open their own dental practices so they can impact their own communities and change their patients’ lifestyles to lead to powerful smiles.


“I am very happy with Secure Dental. The team is very courteous and professional. I felt very comfortable and reassured with the people there.”
— Ricardo T.
“The office was clean and fresh! The receptionist was understanding and very helpful! The dentist was amazing as well. I was in so much pain – long story short, I’m not in pain anymore! Love this place, family will be visiting as well!”
— Celeste M.
“I have recently gone to Secure Dental. The team was very friendly and professional. The place is so clean. I would highly recommend it for anyone!”
— Eleyeen H.

Speaking Topic

Accelerate Your Dental Career: 3 Strategies For New Dentists To Become Practice Owners In 3 Years Or Less

Dental students, graduating dentists, and/or associate dentists who desire to have their own dental practice will learn how to do so in 3 years or less. In their talk, Nazish and Noel outline their proprietary process anyone can use to help open one’s first practice in record time. Audience members will learn how to 1) Efficiently set targets, goals, and timelines; 2) Understand obstacles, processes, and roadblocks when opening an office; and 3) Recognize the best opportunities, along with their risks and benefits.

Transition From Student To Clinician
Nazish and Noel help mentor dental students, graduating dentists, and associate dentists to start and build their own dental practice in 3 years or less using their proven strategies and methodologies.

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