Dr. Nazish Jafri and Dr. Noel Liu

Founders Of Secure Dental

About Dr. Nazish And Dr. Noel

Dr. Nazish Jafri and Dr. Noel Liu are the co-founders of Secure Dental. Their first office opened in 2012, and since then, they have developed, managed, and grown the organization to 11 locations with a team of over 100 employees. They now mentor associate dentists and help them start and build their own practices, invest in real estate, and build generational wealth. Dr. Nazish Jafri and Dr. Noel Liu are on a mission to mentor 1,000 dental doctors by 2030 through their proprietary model and help them open their own dental practices that can impact their own communities and change their patients’ lifestyles, leading to powerful smiles!


“When I was building my practices, my business, and my real estate book of business, I had wished there was a resource for me to tap into and learn how to fast track my progress. Instead, I learned the hard way.”
— Dr. Noel Liu, The Secure Dental Podcast
“I am very happy with Secure Dental. The team is very courteous and professional. I felt very comfortable and reassured with the people there.”
— Ricardo T.
“They are absolutely the nicest group of dentists and hygienists. I’ve been going there for over four years and won’t go anywhere else.”
— Michael T.
“The office was clean and fresh! The receptionist was understanding and very helpful! The dentist was amazing as well. I was in so much pain. Long story short, I’m not in pain anymore! I love this place, and my family will be visiting as well!”
—Celeste M.

Speaking Topic

3 Strategies To Help New Dentists Build And Own A Successful Dental Practice In 3 Years Or Less

Drawing from their own vast experience and their personal success using their process, Dr. Nazish and Dr. Noel share their insights into 1) efficiently setting targets, goals, and timelines, 2) identifying and understanding effective practices as well as potential obstacles and roadblocks, and 3) recognizing opportunities with their risks and benefits.
Through implementing what we have learned in over two decades of dental practice, we have been able to build a scalable method that enables both students approaching graduation from dental school and associate dentists to build and own their own thriving dental practices in three years or less. Using our methods, we have been able to expand our own practice to include 11 offices and over 100 employees. Through excellent dental care and an integrated, consistent vision, our offices are making a difference in the communities we serve and in the lives of the patients we care for!


An Experienced And Successful Team

Dr. Nazish Jafri and Dr. Noel Liu have developed an effective proprietary model that provides a roadmap to own, build, and grow a thriving dental practice. The Secure Dental team draws on their vast experience to mentor and support dentists with clinical insights, operational support for management, and alignment of the overall mission and values of the organization.

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