Nduka Udeh

Founder Of Export And Sell LLC, Speaker, Consultant

About Nduka

Nduka Udeh is the founder of Export and Sell LLC, a company that helps African businesses earn more through exports. As an advocate for small retail businesses, he has aided over 3,000 African companies in US market readiness. Addressing the issues facing small retailers — from sales decline to supplier access problems due to significant retailers’ expansion — Nduka’s focus is to increase their profitability by up to 50%. His solution involves connecting these businesses with low-cost, natural African products, enabling them to diversify their offerings and provide healthier options than GMOs — essential to remaining competitive in today’s market.
Nduka is on a mission to help 5,000 small retail businesses diversify their product line with low-cost and more profitable products from Africa by 2024.


“I have always had it in mind that I want to expand my business internationally, but I didn’t know how. When I met Export and Sell LLC, I knew I needed to sell my chinchin not only on Amazon but other USA stores.”
— Mrs. Ngozi Okoli, CEO Of Sugar Secret
“Export and Sell will not only train you but will follow you through to the very end. Their service is more like an end-to-end one, from the funding we need to export to shipping our products to customers abroad, and also selling our products on Amazon.”
— Alhaji Nuru Bello, Zonal President, Nigerian Association Of Small And Medium Enterprises
“Since we collaborated with Export and Sell to help with listing our spices on Amazon, we have been gaining ground in the international market and also earning in dollars, which is much better than selling here in Nigeria.”
— Desola Jimmy Eboma, Founder Of Fresola Organics
“Before, I sold through relations and referral; but now, everybody in the world will see my products. I also get to save costs with the partnership with shiptonaija, and I can maximize profits by shipping via ocean.”
— Mr. Chukuma Kalu, Director, ESMOG Heirs

Speaking Topic

Broaden Your Inventory Without Borders: Sourcing Unique, Fairly Made African Products

Retail store or boutique owners often wish to diversify their inventory with unique products that appeal to their customers and reflect their values. In this talk, Nduka Udeh shows how to source over 2,000 distinctive African products that are low-priced and ethically made, and that support African families. He also shares tips on how to ensure the products comply with the US safety standards, and how to get them delivered quickly without traveling. This is an opportunity to gain an advantage over your competitors and take your retail business to the next level. By attending this talk, the audience will learn how to boost their profits by up to 50%, enhance their product variety, and make a positive impact on a worthy cause. They will walk away with the skills and confidence to offer unique, quality products to their customers.
Helping Retail Businesses Diversify Their Products & Boost Profitability
Nduka connects small retail store owners with affordable natural products from Africa that can enrich their inventory and boost their profits. His vision is to help 5,000 small retail businesses achieve greater success by sourcing low cost and high margin products from Africa by 2024.

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