Nestor Gutierrez

CEO Of Rancho Express Lube Inc.

About Nestor

Nestor Gutierrez, the CEO of Rancho Express Lube Inc., embodies a passion for vehicles and customer satisfaction that has consistently fueled his career for over a decade. Purchasing his enterprise in 2020 after eight years and more than 50,000 vehicle inspections, his dedication to preventative maintenance is unmatched.

A lifelong car enthusiast, Nestor focuses on educating his customers about the value of preventative care for their vehicles. He firmly believes in making his services accessible, ensuring every customer receives a complimentary 30-point inspection when unsatisfied with their vehicle’s performance. Nestor is passionate and ensures that his clients’ prized vehicles receive the perfect blend of expertise and integrity they deserve.

Nestor is on a mission to help 200,000 drivers of all ages stay safe on the road at an affordable price by 2030.


“Thank you all for taking care of me and my little car yesterday! What amazing customer service and care to make sure she was in top condition before she was back on the road.”
— Heather Rawlings, Director of Rancho Cucamonga Chamber of Commerce
“Thanks for being honest and not scamming me. I will refer your business and give you guys a good rating on Yelp. I want to add that your technicians were very friendly, and your manager was, too.”
— Alvaro Sandoval
“Very impressed. Great customer service, honest technician, and loved the free car wash included with a full-service oil change. Will definitely come back!”
— David Rincon
“This review is overdue! We first brought our company vehicle for new brakes, and they have been working great! We recently took our company vehicle for new tires and we were back on the road the next day! The price was fair and the customer service was great! We have several company vehicles and they will be our go-to place for any car needs! Thanks, guys!”
— Eduardo Sanchez

Speaking Topics

Preventing an Inconvenience: 3 Steps to Your Vehicle Outliving You

Catered to high-income vehicle owners in California, including fleet vehicles and exotic, high-performance, and hybrid cars, this talk encompasses three primary topics crucial to prolonging a car’s lifespan and preserving its pristine condition. During this talk, Nestor discusses the importance of preventative maintenance and the correct procedures, understanding the lesser-known intricacies of gasoline services, and grasping the timely replacement of brakes as a necessary safety measure. Attendees will walk away with the knowledge needed to ensure your luxury vehicle remains in top-notch condition, both aesthetically and mechanically.

Brake Smart: How To Recognize And Prevent Brake Issues In Your Vehicles

If you own an exotic car, a heavy-duty vehicle, or manage a fleet of vehicles or a car rental company, you know how important it is to keep your vehicles in top condition. But do you know how much your car’s brake system affects your driving safety and performance? In this talk, Nestor discusses the vital but often overlooked aspects of a car’s brake system. He covers the hidden components that can make a huge difference in how your car stops and handles, as well as how to recognize the key indicators that signal when your brakes need maintenance or repair. Attendees will leave with insight into understanding brake noises and how to prevent brakes from becoming a costly and dangerous problem.

Brand Awareness Strategies: Stand Out In A Crowded Market

In this talk, you’ll explore the power of a robust social media presence. Learn how it serves the community, fosters better customer relationships through referral programs, and helps expand your customer base. Achieve clarity by understanding your target audience and recognizing the importance of a strong team in maintaining your online reputation. Join us to harness the potential of social media for your brand.

Striving To Provide Safe, Reliable, And Affordable Driving For Everyone
Nestor Gutierrez is a trusted expert in vehicle maintenance who has helped over 50,000 drivers keep their cars in top shape and drive safely for over a decade. He has a bold vision to help 200,000 more drivers of all ages enjoy the benefits of safe, reliable, and affordable driving by 2030.

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