Nicole Fevrier Davis

CEO Of TruthOfYou.Org And MindBody Mastery

About Nicole

During her more than 30 years in the fitness and weight loss industries, Nicole Fevrier Davis has helped hundreds of people lose weight and experience lasting transformation. Nicole is the CEO of and MindBody Mastery, and has been featured on television shows like The Doctors and FOX News. Using a unique, holistic approach that rejects traditional diets and surgeries, she specializes in helping overweight and obese caregivers overcome their struggle with weight gain by teaching them to connect with God-given soul messages, leading to healing, improved health, and sustainable weight loss. Her dynamic method combines the science of health with the language of our souls, enabling her clients to achieve their desired results while experiencing a profound spiritual connection with God’s will in their lives.


“I just returned from my physical at my doctor’s office. He was shocked. All my health benchmarks were back in the normal range: blood pressure, cholesterol, and no depression, either…all without medication! He said, ‘I just have three questions: what have you been doing, where can I learn about it, and when can I get started?’”
— Maija Liisa, soul Solutions Participant
“Can I just say I sat at breakfast and had one bite of a chocolate chip pancake and didn’t want any more? No craving whatsoever! I got rid of my therapist, my Isagenix shakes, and my medications. I am finally free of all of it, and I’m so happy to say so. After many years of searching for God’s guidance in my weight loss, I think I finally found it.”
— Suzie Larson, Soul Solutions Participant
“I hadn’t realized how powerful the Truth Talking exercise would be. It really helped me to better understand what was actually happening to me and how to reverse it. I was going through massive changes in my life and career. I couldn’t have continued to lose weight without this course. So happy I did it.”
— Tina Garbarino, Soul Solutions Participant

Speaking Topic

Shifting Your Paradigm On Weight Loss

What if medication, surgery, fad diets, and exercise programs aren’t the answer to lasting weight loss and transformation? Our bodies, minds, and souls give us innate cues for healing and achieving a healthy weight. In this inspiring and insightful session, Nicole discusses how our souls gently nudge us toward our unique wellness paths, helping to rebalance neurochemistry and metabolism for optimal health and weight.

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An Expert in Effortless Weight Loss

For over 30 years, Nicole Fevrier Davis has been helping people lose weight effortlessly without the use of traditional diets, fitness programs, medications, and surgery. And MindBody Mastery
For over 30 years, Nicole Fevrier Davis has helped hundreds of people lose weight effortlessly.

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