Conquering The Market: Ophir Adar’s Strategies For Becoming A Leading Listing Agent

Elevate your event with Ophir Adar, who transformed his fear into a formidable career and crafted the #1 real estate team for Keller Williams in California. He’s here to share his journey and system that will empower your attendees to become top-tier listing agents, setting them on a path to prosperity and mastery in the real estate market.

Ophir Adar

Over the past two decades, Ophir has been the catalyst for hundreds of agents’ rise to the pinnacle of listing success. He’s now on a mission to train 30,000 real estate agents to become listing experts by 2027.
Ophir Adar is the CEO of Real Momentum, a training and coaching company for real estate agents. He went from being terrified of talking to potential clients to creating the #1 team for Keller Williams in California within two years, simply by learning how to engage with people.

With decades of experience as a top agent, sales manager, and coach, Ophir has honed his skills in empowering hundreds of agents nationwide to become the best version of themselves and cultivating lifelong client relationships. He walks clients through his step-by-step program that develops the right mindset, creates consistency, and builds wealth. When you know exactly what to do and you practice doing it regularly, you quickly become a successful listing agent.

Ophir is on a mission to train 30,000 real estate agents to become listing experts by 2027.


“I have taken several training programs in the past, but Real Momentum has been the best. It is worth its weight in gold. I love that it’s tangible, actionable items. Every meeting and course we have, we’re going away with things to do. And we’re held accountable, which for me is so much more valuable than learning about motivation, or, you know, a lot of these other trainings are all about getting your head in the right space. I wanted to know the way, and this training course has provided that. I’m so grateful, and I highly recommend Ophir and Real Momentum.”
— Amanda Jacobellis
“My favorite aspects of the course had been the daily role-play sessions and weekly accountability groups. I’ve definitely noticed an uptick in my business just from the past few weeks, which is amazing. And anyone that’s considering coaching, I would highly recommend them to check this out. It’s been awesome.”
— York Adkins
“I began my real estate career in Los Angeles in 2006, and that’s when I started coaching with Ophir. He was just starting out as a coach, and I was his first client. Being new to the field, I felt lost and overwhelmed, but Ophir’s support and guidance made all the difference. With his help, I closed $250,000 in GCI in 2006, which is like a new agent earning $400,000 in their first year. If you’re a new agent looking for the right place to learn, this is it.”
— Michael Thomson

Speaking Topics

The Gold Mine Of Expired Listings: Why Sellers Need You Now More Than Ever

In the competitive real estate landscape, expired listings represent untapped potential that many agents overlook, yet they hold the key to a reservoir of opportunity for both sellers and savvy agents. This keynote delves into the art of transforming expired listings into lucrative deals, equipping agents with the finesse to quickly establish trust with property owners, discern the most eager sellers, and become the definitive agent for closing sales. Ophir outlines the secrets to forging authentic relationships, perfecting the art of follow-up, and honing communication skills that resonate with clients. Agents will leave with a strategic playbook that turns expired listings into golden opportunities, setting a new standard for real estate excellence.

How To Become A Top Listing Agent Even If You Have Never Listed A Property Before

Starting the path to becoming a top listing agent is a journey that many aspire to, yet few understand the initial steps to take, especially when prior experience is just a distant horizon. This talk pulls back the curtain on the elusive art of listing, presenting a holistic approach that marries professional excellence with personal well-being. This deep dive into the essence of connection arms agents with follow-up strategies that resonate, role-play exercises that sharpen communication skills, and clear daily actions that lead to goal achievement. Attendees will learn how to instantly build trust with sellers and master the art of follow-up, and effective scripts to use to close client listings

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