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Pat is a former professional magician who learned the art of commanding a stage early in his career. With an advance degree in Brain Research, Pat understands how adults learn new information, and how to utilize specific communication tools for the greatest impact. As a consultant, speaker, and coach, Pat empowers other speakers to leverage audience applause and interest to elicit the most profitable response for their businesses.

Pat has keynoted the largest, and most influential conferences around the world. He has coached Fortune 500 CEOs and helped average communicators to become world-renowned speakers. Pat teaches the “Stage-to-Scale” system, which is the fastest way to grow your profits and impact as a leading expert, and he serves as the Chief Product Officer at Advance Your Reach.


“This method could scale your business without stealing your life away… I probably left hundreds of millions of dollars on the table.”
“I’ve been on stage for 30 years making a living, and I will tell you this workshop can absolutely change your career. And to be quite frank, if you don’t attend this workshop and give it everything you’ve got, you’re letting yourself down, and the people you serve.”
— Kelly Shaw
“I have paid for three high-priced coaches, but I have never received more valuable coaching than from Pat Quinn. Pete may be the Stage Whisperer, but Pat Quinn is the Signature Talk MAKER.”
“I continue to use my Signature Talk Framework in everything I do. I did my talk in front of 14 people at my Powerhouse Retreat and made an offer, and 10 people said yes. It was my biggest week – $111,000. A small yet powerful stage.”
“What I’ve learned is how to communicate in a way where I can help people say yes. And because of what we’ve learned, I’ve sold probably $25 – $30 million from stages.”

Speaking Topic

Create The #1 Client Acquisition Tool In Your Business: Your Signature Talk!

Pat guides you through the 4-step Framework to craft your GREATEST marketing tool, the Signature Talk. You can use your Signature Talk for livestreams, FB Lives, webinars, or physical stages – it works for audiences of 100, 1000, or even 1-on-1 sales conversations. Learn the secret to having people go deeper with your offerings without pressuring them or feeling salesy and how to overcome the fear of speaking and communicating powerfully no matter the crowd!
The most effective way to grow your business is through a High-Converting Signature Talk
Pat Quinn will show you how to craft world-class talk that will change lives and unlock the next level of interest and income for your business.

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