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About Patrick

After a lengthy career in the mortgage industry, Patrick Cunningham’s interest in health and aging became a passion that led him to the world of biohacking. Following four years of research in that space, he joined the team at the Regenerative Medical Institute and he currently serves as the Head of Patient Education. Patrick and his team promote an understanding of treatment options centered around the use of a patient’s own stem cells to bring health and regeneration on a cellular level. Through the implementation of these regenerative methods, the goal is to see people sustain optimal health, maintaining vitality far beyond the normal decline that people expect with aging.

What are others saying about The Regenerative Medical Institute?

“Before I was treated at RMI, I was frustrated with my doctor telling me the same old thing — ‘it’s just part of getting older’ — and then giving me another prescription to take. Within days of being treated, I was almost in tears at how much better I felt. My sleep, energy, focus, and pain have all improved. Wow, just wow!”
— Gail D.
“I am stronger, sleeping better, and I don’t get tired during the day. My immune markers have improved, and my biological age has been reduced by 15 years over a 6-month period.”
— B. Levy
“My orthopedic issues in my shoulder have been drastically improved. My aging markers have reversed.”
— Jim

Speaking Topics

Destined To Decline? Is It Possible To Recapture And Sustain Vitality And Function Deeper Into The Aging Process?

We explore how the benefits of regenerative therapy extend to many areas of overall health, including skin quality, joint restoration, muscle tone, cognitive function, and emotional well-being, among others. We discuss cost-effective methods that don’t center on diets, exercise, or endless healthcare visits.

Reverse The Clock: 3 Simple Keys To Graceful Aging Without Sweat Or Sacrifice

Discover essential components for biological recalibration, skin and joint restoration, and immune system and energy rebirth. Patrick empowers the audience with valuable, actionable insights on easy-to-apply, low-cost techniques for slowing aging. Learn about cutting-edge developments in regenerative medicine and explore the fusion of biohacking and regenerative therapies, unlocking new avenues for well-being and resilience. Join this enlightening exploration of human potential and take control of your health and longevity without drastic measures.

Reclaim Your Peak Vitality
Patrick Cunningham is on a mission to empower 50,000 individuals in the United States to defy aging’s limitations and reclaim peak vitality by 2034, fostering a life of sustained well-being and resilience.
Bridging Expertise From Mortgages To Biohacking For Optimal Health And Regeneration
With a rich background in mortgages and a profound shift into biohacking, Patrick offers invaluable insights on health and aging. His talks blend experience with cutting-edge research, empowering attendees with actionable strategies for enhanced well-being and sustained vitality.

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