Patty Hedrick

CEO Of Med-Legal Healthcare Consultants, Inc., Aging Life Care Professional

About Patty

Patty Hedrick is CEO and founder of Med-Legal Healthcare Consultants and holds multiple certifications in physical and emotional health and life planning. For more than 20 years, she has helped thousands of people navigate the challenges of the later years of life to ensure they are thriving and have the resources they need to live their best life. Patty is focused on women who have hit that stage of life where they finally have time for themselves but have no idea what to do or who to do it with, and have never thought about what their plan for this next chapter of their life could be.
Patty is on a mission to empower one million women worldwide to embrace aging so they can fully enjoy and love every minute of their later years.


“Patty, thanks for your coaching today. Your invitation and escort on my deep dive today was miraculous and pure magic for me today. I AM SO GRATEFUL. I took your request to heart and wrote a profound love letter to myself. It was the best assignment I have ever received, BAR NONE!”
— Anna F., CLIENT
“Patty transformed my perspective on aging, guiding me with her wisdom and support and gave me hope and direction. Thank you!”
— Lisa B., Client
“Thank you for helping me look within and reassess what is really important. I’m clear now on what direction I want to go.”
— Susan F., Client

Speaking Topic

Living Vibrantly: A Comprehensive Plan For Thriving Beyond 55

Women above 55 often feel bored and confused as they start their retirement years. They have finally achieved some independence and relaxation but don’t know how to enjoy it. In her talk, Patty outlines the principles of the EMBRACE method, which helps stimulate personal growth for women in their golden years. She emphasizes the importance of fostering a lifestyle that nurtures body and soul, forming supportive relationships, exploring new passions, streamlining personal space, and fostering continual learning. Recognizing that age is simply a digit, it becomes possible to realize every moment’s potential. Attendees will learn how to form new habits to achieve growth and the importance of continual learning to enjoy everyday life.
Live Vibrantly And Joyfully In Your Retirement Years
Patty has been guiding thousands of people for over 20 years to overcome the obstacles of aging and live their fullest life. Her vision is to inspire one million women around the world to celebrate their golden years and cherish every moment of their journey.

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