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Founder Of Rizzo Financial Group

About Paul

Paul Rizzo is the CEO and founder of Rizzo Financial Group, a company that specializes in helping clients navigate the critical phase of retirement. With almost 30 years of experience in the financial industry, he has the skills and knowledge to design customized solutions to help individuals, who are either approaching retirement or already retired, to feel assured that they are on the right path. By working with Paul, clients can secure their financial future, achieving a smooth, stress-free transition and a fulfilling retirement without any limitations.
Paul is on a mission to assist 5,000 individuals with building a financial plan enabling them to enjoy retirement without worry, stress, or concern by 2030.


“Paul is the most honest, hard-working, and disciplined person I know. He is dedicated to his clients and employees, and he always does what he says he will do.”
— Steve L., CEO, SDL Electric
“Paul is very smart and level-headed, with a high EQ (emotional intelligence). He is the epitome of a ‘stand-up guy’ with high integrity. Paul has a strong passion for the financial service business and helping others. He always emphasizes doing the right thing for his clients.”
— Gzim M., Regional Vice President, CNL Institutional Group
“Paul is very honest and hard-working. He truly cares for his clients, friends, and family. He always brings enthusiasm and positivity to each of his relationships.”
— Nicole P., Realtor, My Home Group
“Paul is exceptional in every way. His deep care for his clients shines through in everything he does, and from the first meeting, you’ll feel like you have known him for years. Paul has a unique way of taking difficult concepts and making them easy to understand. Paul is very professional.”
— Marc R., President, Producers Prospect

Speaking Topic

Find Your Comfort Zone: Steps For Planning A Worry-Free And Joyful Retirement

Many people feel anxious and overwhelmed when they think about retirement. They may have no idea what their life will look like, how much money they will need, and how they can afford their dream lifestyle. In this talk, Paul helps them overcome these fears and uncertainties, guiding them through the vital steps to plan for a worry-free and joyful retirement. Attendees will learn how to create a plan that will allow them to live their retirement on their terms, how to create a budget that suits their needs, and ways to ensure they have enough money for a happy retirement.
Fostering Financial Security In Retirement
Paul and his company have helped hundreds of people achieve a smooth and successful retirement for nearly three decades. Paul’s vision is to empower 5,000 individuals by 2030 with a financial plan that allows them to enjoy retirement with peace of mind and happiness.

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