Payam Mahmoodi Nia

Founder Of NextGen Consulting LLC, High-Performance Coach

About Payam

Payam Mahmoodi Nia, founder of NextGen Consulting LLC is a strategist, implementer, and former controls engineer devoted to helping others surmount life’s obstacles. Renowned for his expertise in fact-finding and follow-through, Payam’s quick-start approach ensures meaningful results and lasting change. During his four-year journey of self-improvement and habit refinement, Payam has strengthened his confidence, laying the foundation for his current role as a mentor and consultant. Payam serves as a guide for busy individuals struggling with work-life imbalances. He supports clients in overcoming daily anxieties, bad habits, and constant overwhelm by helping them bolster their self-confidence and increase productivity. By focusing on three key areas, his clients can clarify their goals, enhance performance, and continually improve their daily lives.
Payam is on a mission to help 100,000 people reduce stress, overwhelm, and anxious feelings with a systematic and control systems-driven approach so that they can work more efficiently and be more joyful again by 2033.


“I met Brian after I was injured and had to leave my policing career. Brian ran a traffic ticket agency for many years in Alberta, and I knew him from the courts occasionally. After my injury, I started fighting traffic ticket, but did not enjoy the aspect of the job because of my previous career. Brian saw me struggling in court one day, took me for coffee, and set me straight on how to do the job. Brian has been a great friend over the years, supporting me and my family: a true inspiration in supporting me to expand my business in traffic ticket defense. Brian is a very focused individual, doing whatever he does with true precision. This man is truly about honesty and integrity. I will always support Brian and whatever he or his family needs. I’d take a bullet for my brother without hesitation.”
— Dean Marsh, Owner Of Provincial Ticket Resolutions

Speaking Topics

How To Overcome Stress And Distraction While Boosting Your Productivity

Many people face the challenge of poor performance and overwhelm in their daily lives. They feel stressed, distracted, and unproductive in both their work and personal tasks. In this talk, Payam reveals how to overcome this problem by building healthy habits, planning systematically, and practicing effectively. He shares his proven methods and tips to create a balanced and efficient lifestyle. Attendees will discover how to optimize their daily schedules, attitudes, and strategies to reach peak efficiency in both domains. They will learn how to manage their time, energy, and focus better and achieve more with less stress.

The Power Of Focus: Three Methods To Master Your Mind

Focus and concentration are vital skills for achieving your goals, but many people find it hard to stay focused in their daily lives. They get sidetracked by distractions, lose motivation, and forget their purpose. In this talk, attendees will learn three key methods to boost their focus and concentration. They will discover how to design daily routines and habits that enhance their mental performance and attention span. They will also learn how to train their brain to focus and concentrate better in any situation so they can achieve more with less effort.

How To Eliminate Brain Fog Without Medication

Brain fog is a common problem that affects many people’s mental performance and well-being. It can make you feel unfocused, sluggish, confused, and forgetful. In this talk, Payam shares his personal story of how he overcame his mental challenges and eliminated brain fog without medication. He explains the main factors that contribute to brain fog and how to address them with practical solutions. Attendees will learn how to clear their minds and thought processes, regain mental focus, and cultivate a more mindful and aware mindset — without depending on the medication.
Achieve Balance And Efficiency In Your Daily Life
Payam helps busy people who struggle with work-life balance. He has a goal to help 100,000 people overcome stress, overwhelm, and anxiety with a proven system and become more productive and happy by 2033.

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