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Philip Chan, president and CEO of Trading EDU, LLC, brings a unique perspective to the world of finance and investing. As a once-aspiring Surgeon who personally experienced the depths of burnout and disillusionment within the medical field, Philip’s journey took an unexpected turn when he stumbled upon the transformative power of lightspeed investments. With newfound hope and determination, he embarked on a relentless pursuit of knowledge, immersing himself in the intricacies of different asset classes. It was through a serendipitous collaboration with a group of former medical professionals turned investment experts that Philip unlocked the secrets to accelerating wealth creation in ways that surpassed his wildest dreams.
Philip is now on a mission to help 10 million healthcare professionals gain more time, energy, and freedom in their lives through the power of lightspeed investing by 2033.


“Trading EDU gives back to people their lives through their education. They not only teach people how to make money but how to grow their finances in a safe and secure manner for investors in ranges between $5k all the way up to $5 million. I host events and have invited them to speak. The audience was utterly blown away by the care they showed, along with specialized knowledge capable of tremendous impact. If anyone is looking to grow their portfolio, I highly recommend you have them speak at your event as it will make a profound impact at your conference.”
— Mia Osorno, Speaker
“As founder of Manhattan Beach Advisors and having decades of experience in the financial markets, I can honestly say the knowledge that Trading EDU has in the financial markets is remarkable. They have helped companies, banks, financial advisors, and the everyday investor grow their capital securely and safely with much higher than traditional returns. If you run a financial advisor conference or any kind of conference that deals with growing money, you need to have them speak and educate your audience on how to get a better return for yourself and your clients. They have helped me achieve great results in record time, and they can do the same for you.”
— Nery Gomez, Renowned financial advisor
“I started with Trading EDU several years ago with no knowledge in the options market, and within 2 short years, I have taken an account from under $10k to over $2 million. I am sure some people may have better results than this, but it is not just about the financial rewards. I now feel I have a family and someone who is always there to answer my questions day or night, and their instruction is incredible. With over 2,000 videos and a 12-year history, they can teach you how to trade in all the financial markets. If you are serious about taking your finances to the next level, then join them.”
— Paul Casey, Investor
“I help people with their credit repair and do over 8 figures in our business. I always wanted to learn the financial markets but never found the right mentors until now. I have referred many people to them as they do what they say they can and always deliver. Now I see our business growing 10X in a short period of time simply the fact that now I know how to compound my money at an amazing velocity, so the money we make in our business will allow us to expand much faster with a secondary source of money.”
— Marquita Leonard, Credit Repair Business

Speaking Topic

Unlocking the Secrets Of Lightspeed Investing: A Guide To Achieving Retirement Wealth In Record Time

Embarking on a fulfilling retirement journey as a healthcare professional can feel like an uphill battle, as the noble pursuit of helping others often collides with financial challenges and a lack of fulfillment. In his talk, Philip Chan reveals the extraordinary potential of lightspeed investing as a catalyst for healthcare professionals to transcend burnout, reclaim their time and energy, and attain the freedom they desire. With an expert blend of insights and practical guidance, attendees will unravel the common investing pitfalls, unlock the secrets of maximizing their investment choices, and gain the empowerment they need to forge a prosperous future on their own terms.
From Burnout To Financial Freedom: Empowering Healthcare Professionals To Master Lightspeed Investing
Philip’s life took a remarkable turn when he unlocked the potential of lightspeed investments, ushering in a transformative era of personal and financial freedom. With an unwavering commitment, he aims to empower 10 million healthcare professionals to reclaim their time, amplify their energy, and embrace a life of independence through lightspeed investing by 2033.

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