Priscilla Andoh Baah

Founder Of Just Divine Home Care Agency LLC

About Priscilla

Priscilla Andoh Baah is a renowned elder care expert with 15 years of experience in providing compassionate, at-home nursing care to thousands of seniors and their families. As our aging population demands increased attention, supporting and caring for loved ones who struggle with daily living can become overwhelming. Priscilla’s deep insight into the unique challenges faced by the seniors has guided her to develop customized, empathetic solutions to ensure their well-being and independence. Her commitment to providing peace of mind to the elderly and their families remains unwavering regardless of what life may bring.
Priscilla is on a mission to help 1,000 seniors safely stay at home for as long as possible and also be active in their communities by 2028.


“While my wife was declining in health, Ms. Priscilla Andoh Baah stayed totally involved. She would call or visit to check on her. She did not treat my wife as a number but as an individual who needed a lot of care. I feel she took a lot of problems off my shoulders. The attitude and involvement of the employees start at the top of any organization. It is clear the involvement of Priscilla is reflected by the Just Divine staff. Thank you, Priscilla.”
— Richard Robbins
“We engaged Just Divine to assist with the care of a dear friend of mine. We had a difficult experience with the provider prior to this. But, in the middle of COVID in February 2021, they came on board and provided great service in a very trying time. The care soon morphed into end-of-life care. There were transition issues to resolve, as there always are and will be. However, their care was loving and recognized the essence and dignity of the individual. They were there, responsive, and caring. They adjusted — probably the greatest thing you can say about someone in the business of directly helping others — and they kept me informed. The service that Priscilla and Wilson, among others, provided to my friend and to me was always caring and respectful. Thanks for playing such an important role in a difficult circumstance.”
— Allan Michael Klatzkin
“Just Divine Homecare provided amazingly excellent care for a close friend. This enabled her to remain at home, as was her wish. I would happily recommend Just Divine Homecare and would use their services myself. They truly love and care about the patients they are called to serve.”
— Amanda Lay
“Thank you Priscilla and team for taking good care of my mom with your in-home care crew. I appreciate the warm connection that you provided for both of my parents. Highly recommend it.”
— Hope Lopez

Speaking Topic

Preserving Home Sweet Home: Key Strategies For Delaying Premature Nursing Home Transitions

Do you want to help your elderly loved ones stay in their homes for as long as possible? In this talk, Priscilla explores realistic and efficient methods to prolong their home lives while ensuring their safety and well-being. Attendees will discover how to choose home care nursing solutions that suit their specific needs, essential safety improvements that boost living standards and promote continued independence, and a summary of local resources and support networks that enable extended home living for the elderly.
Helping Seniors Thrive In The Comfort Of Their Own Homes
For over 15 years, Priscilla has been helping seniors and their families find peace of mind. Her vision is to help 1,000 seniors live safely and comfortably at home and also participate in their communities by 2028.

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