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Ral West is a seasoned entrepreneur and a passionate educator who has been in the travel and tourism, advertising, and real estate marketing industries for over four decades. She was born and raised in Seattle but moved to Alaska in 1980, and started her own business in 1981. She met her husband, John Hardwick, in 1982 and later joined him in his innovative venture: Hawaiian Vacations, Inc.- an Anchorage-based tour operator that offered year-round charter air service between Alaska and Hawaii. Ral and John grew their business and became one of the most successful and popular travel companies in Alaska until they sold it to Alaska Airlines in 2008. Ral also pursued her academic goals and earned her bachelor’s degree in organizational management from Alaska Pacific University in 1997.

As a corporate educator, she shares her expertise and inspires others by developing and presenting numerous seminars on topics, such as, customer service, goal setting, productivity, and systemization. Ral knows that many business owners are struggling and suffering from the weight of their day-to-day activities. They have no time for freedom, and their business is a burden rather than a blessing. Today, Ral West helps entrepreneurs transform their businesses and lives by teaching them how to organize and systematize their work. She helps them create a business that works smoothly and successfully, and gives them more time and energy for the life they want.

She’s on a mission to help 5,000 business owners realize their dreams.


“Ral West has the proven results to coach anyone as a growing entrepreneur. The first and most critical piece I look for when executing a big goal successfully is whether I can find someone who has already done what I’m trying to do. Ral’s massive success as an entrepreneur inspires me to keep working with her on our most critical business decisions month after month.”

— Dan Brisse, Managing Partner, Granite Towers Equity Group

“Ral West is a powerhouse of entrepreneurial experience with a knack for teaching others to achieve their dream goals. I have witnessed Ral building her own successful businesses for over thirty years and I know she has a passion for helping others achieve success.”

— Tom Behan, Lifelong Entrepreneur, co-founder of the Alaska Club and co-author of the book: “Entrepreneurship: Prepare for Prosperity”

Speaking Topic

Overcome Overwhelm: More Success With Less Stress

Running a business can be a relentless challenge, and many owners find themselves constantly caught up in the daily grind, which often leads to overwhelm and exhaustion. The solution lies in the ability to streamline operations and create efficient systems that allow your business to thrive independently, freeing you from the never-ending cycle of work. In Ral’s talk, attendees will discover how organization and systems can transform their business and their lives, so they can have the life they want and deserve. Attendees will change the way they think about their business and their lives and be provided with practical tools and strategies that they can implement right away.

Run Your Business with More Success and Less Stress

Ral West is a business transformation coach who shows people how to create a business that works for them, by using the power of organization and systems. She has a vision to empower 5,000 business owners to realize their dreams.

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