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CEO Of Grata Software

About Rey

Rey Ortega is the CEO of Grata Software, a company that helps aspiring entrepreneurs make the leap from corporate jobs to their own businesses. He is a tech entrepreneur with years of experience in creating tailor-made technology solutions that help brands grow and thrive. He is also the creator of The All-In-One Business Launch Blueprint, a comprehensive service that offers vital strategies for startup success. His clients have generated over $40 million in revenue thanks to his proven methods, making Rey a trusted advisor in the entrepreneurial world.

Rey is on a mission to inspire one million entrepreneurs to create 7-figure wealth for themselves and their families by 2028.


“Rey and his team’s decades of experience in enterprise software development have helped us design and implement sustainable products while saving us from making costly mistakes by advising us on infrastructure and scalable architecture. Also, the Grata team is great at managing the software development lifecycle, and they are very flexible: not bound to any specific technology or framework — only the one that’s best for the purpose.”
— Dimitri Constantine, CEO Of Brand Coders
“Over the past year, Grata software has been an integral part of our success. Their dedication to customer service and attention to detail has had a profound impact on how our organization has minimized our manual process. This group of talented software engineers is truly rewriting the words known as ‘problem-solving’! WE MADE THE RIGHT DECISION WHEN SELECTING THEM!”
— Andres Abeledo, President Of Sonic Jellybean
“Grata did an amazing job for us. We had a long-term engagement with them while we scaled our software business. Rey and the team are very knowledgeable, and I trusted them without hesitation.”
— Jared Schneider, CEO Of Caretime Health
“I have worked with Rey and his team on several occasions, and they have gone above and beyond in each of the projects I’ve put in front of them. If and when I have future projects, I will be using Grata without a doubt.”
— Brian Hamaoui, CEO Of MyGuestBook

Speaking Topic

Escape the 9-5 Grind: Leveraging cutting-edge technology to build your dream business from scratch

Technology can be a powerful ally for those who want to leave their corporate jobs and start their own businesses. But how do you use it effectively to find your niche, attract customers, and market your products or services? In this talk, Rey Ortega gives the blueprint for harnessing the power of technology to create and grow your new business venture. You will learn how to use digital tools to clarify your business idea, target your ideal customers, and implement marketing strategies that work. By the end of this talk, you will go from idea generation to business launch while receiving all the tools and knowledge you need to scale your business with technology.

From Corporate To Entrepreneur: Leverage Technology To Launch And Grow Your New Business Venture
For the past 10 years, Rey has assisted entrepreneurs in implementing technology solutions to scale their businesses and earn over $40 million in revenue. His goal is to inspire one million entrepreneurs to build 7-figure wealth for themselves and their families by 2028.

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