Master Coach Rich Grogan

Founder Of Warrior Confidence, Master Martial Arts Instructor, Award-Winning Author

About Master Rich

Rich Grogan is a master martial arts instructor, award-winning author, and expert in empowering high achievers including athletes, entrepreneurs, and leaders who feel stuck, out of balanced, and constantly coming in second. With four decades of experience, Rich provides transformational tools focused on resilience, self-confidence, and leadership.

Through his tailor-made method, the 7 Pillars of Warrior Confidence, he helps his clients reshape their mindset and approach to challenges, Paving the way for balance, finding success on their own terms, and moving forward with confidence. Grogan transforms obstacles into opportunities, turning unrecognized efforts into celebrated achievements.

Rich Grogan is on a mission to transform the lives of one million high-achieving athletes, entrepreneurs, and leaders by 2028 so that they can unleash their personal legacies.


“I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Rich’s leadership firsthand. He leads by example, with integrity and a genuine passion for helping others. Rich is a trusted friend and truly walks the walk in every area of life. I recommend him highly as a speaker who will motivate and inspire any audience with his incredible energy and message.”
— Tom Ziglar, Proud Son Of Zig Ziglar, CEO Of The Zig Ziglar Corporation
“Rich is a beacon of strength and positivity. His coaching and speaking not only foster growth, confidence, and resilience by helping individuals unlock their inner warrior and embrace their true potential, but also ignite a profound transformation, empowering underdogs to face life’s challenges and emerge victorious.”
— Chris Widener, Author, The Art Of Influence
“Rich Grogan is one of the most engaging, exciting speakers I have seen. His energy, his audience interaction, and his demonstrations are phenomenal. I highly recommend Rich Grogan for any stage.”
— Howard Partridge, Founder Of Phenomenal Business Coaching Powered By Zig Ziglar
“Rich Grogan is passionate about helping people reach their greatest potential and be all they were created to be. His enthusiasm for empowering others is evident in everything he does, and he’s on a mission to change the lives of people all around the world!”
— Michelle Prince, CEO OF Performance Publishing

Speaking Topic

The WARRIOR Method: 7 Pillars to Unleash Your True Potential Change

Many people struggle with self-doubt, fear, and limiting beliefs that hold them back from achieving their goals and dreams. In this talk, Rich shows attendees how to overcome these challenges and unleash their inner champion. He shares the 7 pillars to help them get their mindset right, identify their core values, and unleash their legacy. The talk will empower participants to unlock their true potential, build resilience, and achieve success in all areas of life. Attendees will discover and apply 7 pillars to harness their personal power and potential, develop the mindset of a champion by seeing challenges as opportunities for growth, and gain tools and insights to boost their resilience, confidence, and success in life’s diverse situations.

Warrior Confidence Unleashed:
Transforming High Achievers Into Champions And Leaders

Rich’s vision is to help people not only conquer their obstacles and achieve their aspirations, but also become impactful leaders who make a positive difference in their communities and leave lasting legacies. He has a bold goal to change the lives of one million elite athletes, entrepreneurs, and leaders by 2028.

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