Richard Guilbeau

CEO Of Pennstar LLC, Business Credit And Funding Expert, Speaker

About Richard

Richard Guilbeau is a business funding expert and CEO of Pennstar LLC. Over the past 5 years, he has helped hundreds of businesses get access to millions of dollars in funding to grow their businesses and surpass their goals. Today, he specializes in assisting passionate business owners within the blue-collar and real estate industries who face challenges in securing financing or finding the necessary capital to propel their ventures forward. Through his extensive expertise, he equips them with invaluable knowledge on leveraging personal and business credit effectively, optimizing their business profile structure, and forging strategic financial relationships to maximize their growth potential. By imparting these vital insights, Richard empowers entrepreneurs to refocus on nurturing the businesses they cherish while unlocking the funding they need to thrive.

Richard is on a mission to help 10 million business owners find the money they need to grow to 7 figures by 2033.


“I’ve known Richard for almost 2 years now. I couldn’t express myself enough to say how much of a stand-up guy he is. Very reliable and informative. He always takes time to answer any questions that I may have and helps in any way that he can. Richard takes great care of his family while running a successful business, which is hard to do these days.” 

—  Jesse Winfrey, CEO of L&M Pest Control

“I received the Rapid Credit Repair, and in the first round, I got 30 deletions, 12 inquiry removals, and much more. I’m on my second round, and I am so excited. I’m ready to scale my business by using my soon-to-be excellent credit. Thanks, Richard at Pennstar, for being an awesome company.”

—  Ryan Brown, CEO of Impeccable Commercial Cleaning

“Richard is very informative about the credit industry but not only that, he has helped me and several clients analyze our credit to be able to get funding in so many ways. I am so glad I have come across him; my life financially has truly changed for the better.” 

—  Nicole Mason, CEO of Revised Tax Solutions

“Working with Richard has been an absolute pleasure. His team of skilled professionals is not only knowledgeable in their field but also dedicated to providing top-notch service and support. They took the time to understand our needs and developed a tailored solution that exceeded my expectations.” 

—  Jashun Petite

Speaking Topics

The Funding Advantage: Harnessing 3 Secrets For Business Expansion And Success

In an ever-competitive business landscape, navigating the complexities of securing funding and overcoming persistent denials can be both daunting and disheartening for entrepreneurs. However, Richard Guilbeau brings a ray of hope as he unveils three transformative secrets overlooked by many. With his profound expertise, Richard guides attendees through the art of leveraging their business and personal credit effectively, structuring their business profiles for optimal results, and unlocking the untapped potential of maximum funding opportunities. Equipped with a clear roadmap for growth, attendees will gain the strategic insights needed to propel their businesses forward, empowering them to afford essential resources, expand their workforce, pursue new investments, and elevate their marketing and advertising efforts to unprecedented heights.

Unlocking The Funding Code: How To Beat The Banks And Obtain Capital For Any Business

Not knowing how to get funding and being denied can leave businesses spinning their wheels for solutions. In his talk, Richard Guilbeau unveils the secrets to outsmarting the financial system, guiding business owners through proven strategies to obtain the funding they need. Attendees will learn how to stop getting denied on funding applications, how to leverage their personal and business credit, and what the banks never tell you when it comes to getting the maximum amount of funding possible. 

The Roadmap To Successful Business Funding

Richard Guilbeau has transformed the trajectories of hundreds of businesses by facilitating access to millions of dollars in funding over the past 5 years. He now aspires to empower 10 million business owners to attain 7-figure success by 2033, ensuring they find the necessary financial resources to fuel their growth.

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