Rocio Verdin

CEO Of Crystal Rock Alliance,
Business Mentor

About Rocio

Rocio Verdin, CEO of Crystal Rock Alliance, has earned a stellar reputation for her success in entrepreneurship over the past decade. With a track record of transforming three of her businesses into six-figure enterprises, Rocio has utilized her extensive experience to mentor hundreds of Hispanic individuals in their quest to establish prosperous businesses. Focused on empowering the Hispanic community — where many feel overwhelmed and unfulfilled, living paycheck to paycheck while running their businesses — Rocio’s coaching programs enable her clients to manage their time and money effectively, ultimately changing their mindset to achieve financial stability and success.
Rocio is on a mission to empower one million Hispanic women to have a life of mental and financial freedom by 2028.


“I feel so inspired by you. Learning from you has given me the ability to drag myself out of the trenches I ignorantly dug myself into. You gave me the opportunity to a new way of living, thinking, and just being better for myself and those around me, and I can’t thank you enough for that. I’m able to be that person again who can be happy, who can live with a sense of peace and a sense of security in myself. I don’t know that I would have been able to do that without you opening my eyes to it.”
— Stevie B., Entrepreneur
“Meeting you was a blessing that God brought into my life. Not only did you teach me how to be a top salesperson, but you also taught me one very big thing that changed my life for the better. You taught me how to genuinely be a better person, even if others didn’t deserve it, and to always think bigger and never belittle myself. That’s something I’ve always struggled with my whole life: not feeling good enough and comparing myself. You unleashed a better version of myself that I didn’t know I had much love for.”
— Crystal V., COO
“Rocio is the greatest businesswoman and friend that I know. She is always going after what she wants until she achieves it, and she is always there for the people she cares and loves for.”
— Nancy C., Optometric Tech
“She had the wisdom and ability to pinpoint what was holding me back. She has an exceptional talent for creating a tangible action plan, which has significantly contributed to my personal breakthroughs.”
— P. Fransisco, CEO

Speaking Topics

Realizing Your Entrepreneurial Vision

Many Hispanic women have entrepreneurial dreams, but they face challenges in starting or growing their businesses. They may feel unsure of how to launch their business idea, or they may feel stuck in their current business situation without a clear direction. This seminar will teach them how to change their business mindset so that they can take charge of their entrepreneurial vision, the customers they serve, and the income they generate. This seminar will be the catalyst to achieve their business goals!

Decoding Your Financial Blueprint For Business Success

Hispanic women often struggle with uncertainty and doubt, feeling as if they’ve just traded their old job for a new one and wondering if their entrepreneurial dreams will ever come true. This presentation shows them how their current financial blueprint may be holding them back and keeping them in an employee-like mindset. They will learn practical steps to shift from working in their business to strategically managing its operations. This presentation helps them realize their entrepreneurial vision.
Transforming Your Mindset And Achieving Financial Freedom
In the last decade, Rocio has built three six-figure businesses and has helped hundreds of Hispanics transform their mindset to launch profitable businesses. She is on a mission to empower one million Hispanic women to achieve a life of mental and financial liberation by 2028.

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