Rod Lockett

Multi-Family Syndicator, Real Estate Investor, Coach

About Rod

Rod Lockett is a multi-family syndicator and real estate investor with more than 12 years experience in construction. Over the last 5 years, Rod has rehabbed and turned over hundreds of apartment units. He now helps working and retired professionals invest in the purchasing of large-scale, multi-family apartment complexes as a limited or general partner – and helps them earn passive income and create wealth for their families now and long after they are gone.

Rod is on a mission to help 1 million people build a legacy and set up their families now or in the future to live the life they deserve by 2032.


“I couldn’t be happier than to work with Rod. He follows through with his word. That’s something that is very rare these days.”
— Joshua Bird
“I have total confidence in the way Rod does business. I look forward to us working together again on more major projects!”
— Marcus Rieb

“I fully trust Rod’s real estate and financial insights. I only wish I met him when I was much younger so we could have done more!”

— Edmund Hoy
“I’ve made good money with you in the past. Whatever you are up to, include me!”
— Martin Daigeau

Speaking Topics

3 Ways Your Investments Are Stuck In The Past And How To Fix It Fast For Maximum Returns

Many investors feel stuck right now, and for good reason. It’s difficult to know the right move to make when you’re concerned about the economy, baffled by the stock market, or worried that your investment plans are no longer valid. In his talk, Rod discusses why common investment strategies may be outdated and outlines how working or retired professionals can maximize their passive income through multi-family properties.

Effortless Success: An Investor’s Guide To Build The Life Of Your Dreams Without Working Hard

There comes a point where the time, effort, and energy invested into earning active income will provide you with diminishing returns – which is why it’s important to seek leverage through investments. In his talk, Rod discusses how working or retired professionals can maximize investment returns and create passive income without exerting much effort in the process.

Why Old-School Thinking Does Not Work In Our New World

In the real estate industry, old-school thinking can be a hindrance to success. The world is constantly changing, and what may have worked in the past may not be effective in the present. In his talk, Rod discusses how active or retired professionals can invest in multi-family properties to enjoy a secure, less stressful tax-free strategy that can grow their money faster than traditional investment platforms.

Live Life On Your Terms And Build A Legacy For Your Family

Rod helps qualified professionals to invest in large-scale multi-family apartment complexes as a limited or general partner where they can enjoy passive tax-free income at a higher return than conventional investments. This allows his clients peace of mind and the ability to not just dream of a better future but finally have the income and ability to create it and build a legacy.

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