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CEO of RL Virtual Marketing, Speaker, Coach

About Ron

Ron Jones is a best-selling author, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur who has developed sales leaders in Insurance, real estate, and the mortgage field for over 40 years.

Ron has a strong track record of recruiting thousands of agents as well as training and developing sales leaders with Fortune 100 companies. He received the honor of being named in the top 1% of recruiters at his company for 11 years straight.
Now, he’s sharing his knowledge and wants to help brokers and agents across the country build and develop their own teams. One of his foundational beliefs is that it is most important to train and retain your most talented team members.
He is excited and blessed to work with sales teams across the country to help them change lives for themselves and their clients. Ron helps agents that struggle with making sales to earn upper-five figures in 90 days or less on a consistent basis following his simple process.
Ron is on a mission to recruit 100,000 agents by the year 2025 who will earn 6 figures per year and build a legacy of a lifetime, residual income.


“Ron is one of the most consistent and outstanding recruiters, trainers and leaders that I have met in my 30 years in the insurance industry. His specific value to me and my organization was in his ability to work well with the Recruiting and Training Managers who reported to me. He helped improve their recruiting and training skill sets, their sourcing, and the retention of their sales teams. He was also a great resource for advice for me personally.”
— JEFF C. WEST, Author of The Unexpected Tour Guide
“Ron was my internal recruiter and trainer before I hired him to be my right hand man as my Business Development Manager. As a leader, he was top in all-measurable categories of quota, accounts, new agent premium, and recruiting along with new agent retention. Ron shares an excellent professional and personal rapport with almost everyone who knows him, which, to me, is a very rare quality. He commands immense respect from his superiors and peers as well as those who work for him. His pleasant demeanor and excellent communication skills are his biggest personal assets. His enthusiasm, diligence and precision at work are a winning combination.”
— LYNN BARNSON, Former Vice President and Territory Director of the Southwest Territory at Aflac
“Boom! Ron has broken the code to not just providing recruits, but how to consistently provide APPOINTMENTS on autopilot! All I have to do is sit back, relax, and my appointment book has a constant flow of appointments without me ever having to make a call!”
— KYLE SIEGEL, V.P. of Sales at FBFS

Speaking Topics

Who Really Sucks? The Recruiter Or The New Agent?

90% of agents fail to renew their licenses, which means recruiters waste a lot of money recruiting the wrong candidates. Additionally, companies fail to properly take care of the candidates that do stay. In his talk, Ron will teach business leaders how to recruit and retain their new agents through proper sourcing training, coaching, and mentorship.

Building & Training Your Team to Win
Ron helps agencies and recruiters automate their growth using timeless principles.

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