Rosie Ferdin Cruz

Storybrand And Marketing Expert, Co-Owner Of  International Container Services

About Rosie

Rosie Ferdin Cruz is an accomplished entrepreneur, branding strategist, and personal story expert. She specializes in creating pop-up businesses and locations without the red tape. With expertise in mobile storage containers, Rosie helps business owners overcome space constraints, building regulations, and budget limitations to grow and expand. By thinking big and embracing unconventional approaches, Rosie empowers entrepreneurs to break free from traditional boundaries and create exceptional environments for success.

Through speaking engagements and sharing her expertise, Rosie continues to inspire and educate business owners on the possibilities of unconventional business models. Her commitment to revolutionizing the business landscape has positioned her as a leading authority in the industry.

Rosie and her husband have helped recycle over 100,000 shipping containers repurposed for housing, retail space, pandemic shelters, and as storage units.


“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jeremiah on my demo reel. His words brought what I had in my heart and mind to life and captured a unique voice that embodied the essence of my business. He truly is a magician with language, and I’m incredibly grateful for his talent.”
— Maurice Waters Jr, Director of Photography at THE BRAND
“He took notice of my passion for BBQ and the dream of growth. He literally helped with every aspect from brand logo, marketing, social media, advertising etc. My company wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for his direct influence and knowledge. All he demanded was that I show up and perform.”
— Kirk Atkins, Shorebillie BBQ

Speaking Topics

Fast Growth: How To Save Time, Money & Assets With Mobile Storage

Learn how shipping containers can be a cost-effective solution to support your home or business expansion in this talk. Discover how mobile containers can help you save time, money, and assets and transform your space quickly and easily. With a clear understanding of temporary building structures, you can easily organize and grow your business.

Clean Up Your Community: How To Educate & Equip Your Community With A Modern Mobile Storage Solution

Discover how mobile storage containers can help transform your community with a modern, cost-effective solution. Learn how to educate and equip your community officials and business owners with this innovative technology, giving your community a beautiful new look without needing permanent structures. After attending this talk, you will clearly understand how mobile containers can play a vital role in your community’s clean-up initiatives and expansion plans while fitting into your budget.

Popup Business: How To Instantly Create a Business Or Business Location Without All The Red Tape

This presentation is for innovative business owners who are constrained by limited space, building laws, and budgets. Using mobile storage containers, you can create an oasis for your clients or employees and relocate anywhere you want instantly. Attendees will learn how to overcome these obstacles and expand their businesses beyond their current location, thinking big and bold. Key takeaways include no longer being tied down to your current location for business and exploring new expansion possibilities with ease.

Upcycling Shipping Containers To Help Businesses Grow and Prosper

Rosie is on a mission to help hundreds of business owners grow and prosper by creating new spaces for development with upcycled shipping containers, saving over 100k trees from being chopped down over 10 years.

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