Russ Thomas

Founder And President At Marine Business Growth Solutions, Coach, Speaker

About Russ

Russ Thomas is the founder and president of Marine Business Growth Solutions, a company that helps marine businesses achieve their full potential. With over 50 years of entrepreneurial experience, Russ knows what it takes to succeed in the competitive and dynamic marine industry. Offering a proven strategy, Russ transforms teams that need more training and have low motivation by converting missed sales opportunities into thriving sales pipelines. Concentrating on every angle of the sales process, from the initial cold call to persistent follow-ups, Russ proposes an easily digestible structure that not only encourages continuous business growth but also paves the way for businesses to scale up. With his strategic framework, businesses can expect predictable growth and a potential income increase of 15%-30% within the first 90 days.
Russ is on a mission to help 500 marine businesses and professionals earn 10X their current income by 2026.


“I met Brian after I was injured and had to leave my policing career. Brian ran a traffic ticket agency for many years in Alberta, and I knew him from the courts occasionally. After my injury, I started fighting traffic ticket, but did not enjoy the aspect of the job because of my previous career. Brian saw me struggling in court one day, took me for coffee, and set me straight on how to do the job. Brian has been a great friend over the years, supporting me and my family: a true inspiration in supporting me to expand my business in traffic ticket defense. Brian is a very focused individual, doing whatever he does with true precision. This man is truly about honesty and integrity. I will always support Brian and whatever he or his family needs. I’d take a bullet for my brother without hesitation.”
— Dean Marsh, Owner Of Provincial Ticket Resolutions

Speaking Topic

Sailing To Success: Scaling Marine Business Millions Regardless Of The Economic Tide

Many marine businesses struggle to grow and thrive in the face of economic uncertainty and fierce competition. They may have uninspired and under-trained sales staff and an overall lack of growth strategy. Russ has a solution! In his talk, Russ Thomas reveals the twelve cardinal rules of commerce that will anchor success in your marine business. He guides you through the fundamental business growth principles and sales strategies that will help you scale your marine business millions, regardless of the economic tide. Attendees will learn the most common business pitfalls, the importance of exploring “wealthy waters,” and how to chart the course to success. Moreover, they will learn how to surge their revenue by 15%-30% within the next 90 days and create a loyal customer base that will keep their business sailing to success.
Proven And Effective Sales Strategies For Marine Businesses And Professionals
Russ Thomas is a marine business growth expert who helps marine businesses and professionals increase their customer base, sales, and value proposition. He has a vision to help 500 marine businesses and professionals achieve 10X their current income by 2026, using his proven and effective sales strategies.

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